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Dish it up

5 May 2012

If you havenít been able to make it past the long queue that has become a staple at Dubaiís latest hotspot, Mahiki, no worries.

We get Chef Marcus Chant to share some of his signature dishes for you to try out at home. With a little dose of creativity, what’s to prevent you from creating club night at home this week?

Truffle Egg Toast

Serves: 4


Country style farm house

bread bloomer style                 :   4 1” slices

Free range eggs                      :   4

Swiss Gruyere cheese             :   4 slices

Summer truffle                        :   5gms

Truffle oil                                 :   10mls

Flat parsley                            :   ½ bunch

Maldon sea salt                      :   To taste



Slice bread to one inch thickness. Using a pastry cutter top cut a “well” into the centre of the slice and fill with gruyere cheese. Place on a pre-heated grill set to 180C until the cheese melts. Take the yolk of an egg and place over the melted cheese. Return back to the heated grill just until the yolk is slightly cooked but still runny. Garnish with shaved black truffles and chopped parsley. for seasoning add maldon sea salt and drizzle with truffle oil. The dish is now ready to be served.

Heritage Tomato Salad

Serves: 4


Heritage tomatoes                  :  10

Peeled garlic                          :  5 cloves

Thyme                                   :  1 bunch

Rosemary                              :  1 bunch

Cherry tomatoes                     :  6

Olive oil extra virgin                 :  200mls

Maldon sea salt

Crotan Chevignol goat’s cheese

Apple balsamic vinegar

Basil     :           1 bunch


Note: Ensure preparation of this recipe is at least 12 hours prior to serving time.

Slice 5 tomatoes and lay on tray glazed generously with olive oil. Place a single slice of garlic on top of each tomato and sprinkle with chopped thyme and rosemary. Season with maldon sea salts and drizzle with olive oil.

Now leave the tomatoes to dry out overnight till they are noticeably crisp. Alternatively tomatoes may be baked in an oven for about 4 hours at 90 degrees until crisp.

Trim the top of the goat’s cheese and season with sea salt. Cut the remaining tomatoes into wedges and add basil and olive oil for seasoning.

Arrange the seasoned tomatoes in the centre of a plate and add the crisp tomatoes around, forming a little nest for the tomatoes in the centre. Now, chargrill the goat’s cheese until soft and brown. Place in the centre of the ‘nest’ and drizzle again with olive oil. A piece of chargrilled garlic bread goes well to compliment the dish.

This dish is ready to be served at room temperature.


Samosas with a Fennel and Mint yoghurt dipping sauce

Serves: 4


Fennel                              :   4 heads

Mint leaves                        :   20 nos

Yoghurt                             :   1 kg

Pumpkin                           :   1 large {peeled}

Greek feta                         :   750gms

Chinese five-spice powder   :   2tbsp

Thyme                              :   1 bunch

Rosemary                         :   1 bunch

Olive oil                             :   For cooking

Oil for frying                       :   1ltr


For the pastry:

Flour                                 :   4 cups

Salt                                  :   1tsp

Olive oil                             :   1tbsp

Warm water to bind            :   4 cups


Mix 1kg of yoghurt with thinly sliced fennel and roughly sliced mint in a bowl – leave to marinate in the fridge for 5 hours.

Place a tray glazed with olive oil in the oven. Once nicely heated, roast and season the pumpkin (peeled) until light golden brown ensuring that it does not get too soft. Strain excess oil and refrigerate until cool.

Dice the feta cheese to approximately ¼ of an inch. Do the exact same with the pumpkin and add 2 tablespoons of Chinese five-spice mixture and set aside.

In a separate bowl, add 4 cups of warm water, then add flour after mixing with salt and olive oil. Knead until pastry dough is firm. Roll out pastry into thin squares approximately 5 inches by 5 inches.

Add the pumpkin filling, fold over and seal in the shape of a triangle, firmly securing the ends by brushing with a little water to seal. Refrigerate to set.

Once set, take a small pan with 1 litre of vegetable oil and heat well. Fry four pieces at a time until crisp golden brown. Place pieces on a napkin to absorb and drain excess oil. Yogurt may be used as a dipping sauce. The dish is now ready to be served. Table for one?

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