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Feeling wealthy makes you conservative
Peoples’ support for tax and welfare policies depends on how well off each person feels at that moment.
Ten common reasons why we don’t exercise
We all intend to exercise regularly. But when it comes to putting intention to practice, only about 10 percent are successful.
How to get fit for the festive season!
Celebrity fitness trainer and nutrition expert Lucy Wyndham-Read has teamed up with British electrical retailer Currys PC World to give some fitness tips, reports
​Banking apps beat shopping apps on satisfaction front
Researchers found that consumers are interested in apps that go beyond core functions.
Self-regulation skills prepare children for school
Self-regulation skills that help children pay attention, follow directions, stay on task and persist through difficulty are critical to a child’s success in kindergarten and beyond.
Americans urged to stop wasting food
The typical American family of four, could save $1,600 a year by reducing their food waste.
Your guide to winter skincare
Celebrity dermatologist Kiran Lohia shares a few tips
Tough jobs may protect memory
The study found that people who held jobs with higher levels of complexity with data and people, such as management and teaching, had better scores on memory and thinking tests.
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