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Asthmatic? Stop worrying about smells
A new research reveals that simply believing that an odour is potentially harmful can increase airway inflammation in asthmatics for at least 24 hours following exposure.
1950s elegance celebrated in Paris fashion exhibit
During the war years, dresses were typically made from just three yards (metres) of material. By contrast, one of Diorís new evening dresses required no less than 25 yards of taffeta.
Indulge in healthy food, but mind the portion
Indulging in health food items to cut flab? Make sure you know how much to eat as it is possible overdose of right food can prevent you from losing weight.
Keep your eyes safe in sun
Everyone knows how to protect skin in the sun but what about eyes?
Store your luxury handbags with love
Bedroom retailer Betta Living has teamed up with storage brand The Clutter Fairy to offer advice on how to make spaces for handbags, reports
Send the kids outside to play: Study
The new study stops short of recommending ways to get children who tend to stay inside out the door.
Practice will make you better, if not perfect
People who report practicing a lot generally tend to perform at a higher level than people who practice less.
Men out-talk women in large settings
A group of men and women with sociometers and split them in two different social settings for a total of 12 hours.
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