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Align your life: Location, location, location
It is important to pick an appropriate location, so that the energy flow is smooth and favourable.
Vitamin D deficiency can cause diabetes
Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and maintain bone and muscle health.
Food additives cause obesity
Metabolic syndrome is a group of very common obesity-related disorders that can lead to type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular and/or liver diseases.
Always pressed for time? Pause for a deep breath
Learning to breathe slowly may help you get rid of such “false” feelings that actually have more to do with stress than with time.
Friends may not protect you from online bullies
The abuse was not real - the bully and the victim were part of the experiment - but the participants did not know that.
Timely meals, early to bed can prevent mental illness
Our daily sleep-wake cycle is governed by an internal 24-hour timer—the circadian clock.
Using your voice to get the dream job
A resume hghlighting your professional credentials and experience could pique the interest of a prospective employer, but it is your voice that may actually help you land the job.
Lose weight while burning more muscle energy
The new findings may provide the basis of a therapy that could help people to overcome the body’s natural resistance to weight loss.
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