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Brain-training, exercise, diet keep elderly mental decline at bay
In the first randomised controlled trial of its kind, the scientists found that two years of intensive guidance for people aged 60 to 77 led to some striking differences in the brain’s capabilities in so-called executive function and processing.
Are you turning your kid into a narcissist?
Children whose parents think they are God’s gift to the world do tend to outshine their peers - in narcissism.
Selfless behaviour key to get ahead at workplace
“Supervisors are able to accurately identify the motives behind their subordinates’ organisational citizenship behaviour, and they are not fooled by good actors,” said Magda Donia from the University of Ottawa in Canada.
Get workers healthy with office-hour lifestyle exercises
A healthy lifestyle intervention programme administered at the workplace significantly reduces risk factors for diabetes and heart disease, shows a new study.
Has smartphone made you a lazy thinker?
In contrast, analytical thinkers second-guess themselves and analyse a problem in a more logical sort of way.
Align Your Life: Rise & Shine
The best way to start your day is bright and early
Tips for healthy mind, body and heart for women on the go
If you are having trouble sleeping and feel restless at night, put some drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow.
Budgeting helps you curtail costs
The authors divided consumers into efficiency planners and priority planners.
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