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Stressed, depressed women live shorter
The women with clinically significant depressive symptoms had even lower levels of klotho in their blood than those who were under stress but not experiencing such symptoms.
Expert offers summer tips to keep your home free of heat
Interior designer Monica Kamal, managing director, MKC, has shared do-it-yourself tips on how to keep your haven cool.
Relocating to new home? Clean it well
Here are some tips, If you’re relocating to a new home
Tips on how to get soft, youthful hands
A simple method to take care of this problem is to moisturise the hands daily and at regular intervals, suggests makeup artist and hairstylist Preeti Dahiya.
Foods that can pep up your mood
Eating healthy is good not only for your physical health but also for your mood, pulling you out of the vicious cycle of stress and unhealthy food in the process, experts say.
High dietary salt may prevent weight gain!
As exciting as this may sound to the fast food lovers, the researchers cautioned that very high levels of dietary salt are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease in humans.
Trying natural ways for pearly whites? Do your research first
Strawberries contain citric acid, which can weaken the surface hardness of your teeth. But it also contains the more gentle malic acid, and the riper the strawberry becomes, the higher the concentration of malic acid compared to the more harmful citric acid.
Smile away stress for long-term health
In the short-term, with illness or exercise, the body experiences a high immune response to help repair itself.
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