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Superiority complex harmful for students
Such unrealistic airs damage a child’s relationship with others in the classroom, found the study.
How mosquitoes evolved to love human odour
One reason why mosquitoes transitioned from harmless animal-biting insects into deadly vectors of human disease was their love for human body odour, says a new research.
Emotional awareness promotes healthy eating
Emotional ability training improves food choices beyond a nutrition knowledge, the findings showed.
Why people cry even when they are happy
People overcome strong positive emotions with tears of joy, says a study, adding that crying actually helps them recover from the situation.
Ways to stop your sugar craving
Experts from the fields of nutrition and fitness say there are ways of reducing sugar craving.
Early schooling hours not in tune with kids’ sleep patterns
Although children require about nine hours of sleep throughout adolescence, older kids are naturally inclined to stay up later than younger ones, the study confirmed.
Enough sleep can help you lose weight
Getting enough sleep is one way to beat anxiety and stress.
What brides need to know when buying wedding shoes?
Lauren Rudy, an associate buyer at David’s Bridal - a clothier that specialises in wedding dresses, says that “there definitely seems to be an attachment to a certain brand, wanting something to work back to their dress, something that complements it without taking away from it, and being on trend.”
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