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Happy marriages lead to healthy hearts!
Unhappy marital interaction is linked to thicker carotid arteries and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease
Wacky hair colour on your mind? Think twice
The process of colouring might make your hair hard and reduce the quality of your original colour.
Weight loss lifts mood, improves sleep quality
Weight loss improved sleep quality in the sixth month, as well as mood, regardless of how the individuals lost the weight.
Indoor tanning ups skin cancer risk
The researchers collected data on 657 participants in the New Hampshire Skin Cancer Study (all under 50) who had newly diagnosed cases of BCC and 452 others.
Becoming a morning person for good
Create the right night routine and environment so that it makes it easier to wake up on time every morning.
Most like 'natural beauty', but how natural is it?
It seems that cosmetics play a huge part in empowering women as even those looking to achieve a natural look are reluctant to ditch their makeup altogether.
Hot and bothered? Chill out with these pineapple concoctions
Pineapples pack a tremendous nutritional punch, containing vitamins A,C, E, and K; potassium; calcium; electrolytes and phyto-nutrients like carotene.
Swimming key to happiness: Study
Taking a regular dip at your local pool can make you feel happier as well as healthier.
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