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Women bargain best in some negotiations
One reason men earn higher salaries than women could be women’s apparent disadvantage vis-a-vis men in some types of negotiations.
Winter-proof your colour cosmetics
Women with dry and mature skin should use a hydration primer.
Blankets and pillows put babies at sudden death risk
Relatives may give parents quilts or fluffy blankets as presents for the new baby and they feel obligated to use them.
Why kids do not pay heed to their parents’ criticism
The adolescents lay in the brain imaging scanner as they listened to two 30-second clips of their own mothers criticising them.
Are you a picky eater? Blame your genes
Human tastes are strongly influenced by environment and experience.
Men prefer books written by male authors
For some men, male authors tend to write in the genres they like to read.
Toddlers remember good times for life
The researchers monitored the infants’ eye movements and how long they look at a test image.
Feeling wealthy makes you conservative
Peoples’ support for tax and welfare policies depends on how well off each person feels at that moment.
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