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Get beach ready with easy hairstyles
Here are some effortless braids for you to look uber glamorous while on vacation
Narcissist, insecure people post more on Facebook
It might come as little surprise that Facebook status updates reflect people’s personality traits.
Watch 3D films to boost your brain power
"Surgeons, boxers and tennis players may benefit from watching films in stereoscope before taking on challenging tasks."
Hiding true colours makes you feel immoral
Shakespeare’s advice: be true to yourself, has an psychological rooting as the drive for authenticity or living in accordance with our sense of self, emotions, and values is fundamental to our lifestyle.
Hair care tips for the holidays
If you have dry hair, it’s probably because you are washing your hair too often. People should cut back a little on the frequency of washing their hair.
Obesity can cause heart attack
Having diabetes or high blood pressure worsens the risk, said professor Ki-Chul Sung from Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, South Korea.
If your kids throw tantrum, consult a doctor
Behavioural health problems affect boys and girls of all ages, impacting their learning, social interactions and physical health.
Nine-to-five timing best for your health: Study
Shift work employees are particularly vulnerable to experiencing sleep problems as their jobs require them to work night, flex, extended, or rotating shifts
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