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Two cups of milk may be ideal for preschoolers
The study is based on observation, it cannot draw conclusions about cause and effect, he cautioned.
Pets could help improve social skills of autistic kids
Dogs and other pets play an important role in individuals’ social lives, and they can act as catalysts for social interaction.
Thank your customers to reap rewards
The simple gesture of thanking customers was just as effective - and less damaging to the company’s bottom line - as acknowledgements that included rewards in the form of gift cards and guaranteed reservations.
Toddlers may soon get their own computer books!
Soni, who was featured in the Limca Book of Records for “most computer books written at 38 (years)” in 2009, said that with the new generation growing up with all latest technology in computers, i-Pads, tablets and smartphones around them, it was important for them to understand basic terms related to such gizmos.
Children’s cartoons rife with violence: Study
The important characters in children’s cartoons are twice as likely to die as compared to those in the films meant only for adults.
Quick skin fixes during party season
Make sure you drink a lot of water all day long post any party to rehydrate your system.
Pep up your look with false eyelashes
Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and super chic Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wear lashes effortlessly.
Align your life: The myth about Chakra Balancing
Do you need to work on your chakras and if yes, then where do you start?
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