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Get summer ready with right accessories
Gone are the days of the humble gold stud or silver sleepers. These days, earrings are here to make us sit up and take note.
Many parents favour late school timings for teenagers
Among the national sample of parents with teenagers aged 13-17, 40 percent parents expect a later start to allow their teenagers to get more sleep and 22 per cent think it would improve their school performance.
Teens getting increasingly sleep deprived: Study
The study by researchers at Columbia found that female students, racial/ethnic minorities and students of lower socio-economic status are particularly affected.
Astronautsí exercise regime reveals how to stay fit
Researchers assessed exercise on longer spaceflights with the help of astronauts on the space station, measuring their oxygen consumption peak VO2 before, during and after missions of four to five months.
Selfie obsession is not just narcissism
Is one's love for selfies just an exercise in self-obsession? Perhaps not.
Align your life: Detox your office
Have you ever thought about what makes your surroundings toxic?
An analysis of sadness
Why stress makes some people more vulnerable to depression
Hair woes? Resort to natural solutions
People on diet should get their blood investigation done and consume proper nutritional supplements.
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