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Three ways to beat a bad mood with yoga
Backbends are great heart-openers and they really boost your spirits.
Beauty regimes vary with the seasons
Experts have agreed that vitamin C is a powerful ingredient which stimulates collagen for youthful skin.
With rising incomes, young in US losing trust in others
Young people today are more optimistic about their own prospects, but are apparently deeply distrustful of other people and large institutions.
Wear sunglasses to avoid common eye disease
Researchers conducted a clinic-based, case-control study in the US, involving XFS cases and control individuals.
Good sleep means less sick leave at work
Getting at least seven hours of night sleep is a key to overall health, which translates to less sick time away from work.
Hate-filled content bad for brain, finds study
Social networks increase the risk of being exposed to offensive behaviour and hate speeches that could have a harmful effect on people’s mental well-being, it added.
Can sleep loss shrink your brain?
The researchers examined the link between sleep difficulties and brain volume.
Spinach drink kills craving for junk food
The thylakoids extend digestion, producing a feeling of satiety.
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