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Pep up your look with false eyelashes
Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and super chic Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wear lashes effortlessly.
Align your life: The myth about Chakra Balancing
Do you need to work on your chakras and if yes, then where do you start?
Novel way to control internal body clock
In mammals, the internal clock that maintains circadian rhythm is essential for normal physiological functions.
Musical training can improve kidsí brains
The authors found evidence that music playing altered the motor areas of the brain, because the activity requires control and coordination of movement.
Teach guilt-prone employees to lead
Those in supervisory roles can use these findings to create the most effective dynamics in the workplace and increase productivity.
Pet reptiles pose health risk for infants: Study
If the pet is allowed to run free in the home, this poses a risk, especially if the child is at an exploratory stage of crawling or licking surfaces.
Understanding the sleep patterns of your child
The research suggests that the presence of parents at bed time, specifically during the transition to sleep, may not trigger night wakeups as previously thought, they said.
Donít criticise her weight else she will gain more!
Feeling better about themselves caused the women to be more active or eat more sensibly, the researchers suggested.
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