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Shift to ‘walkable’ residential areas to control obesity
“How we build our cities matters in terms of our overall health,” said lead researcher Gillian Booth from St Michael’s Hospital and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) in Toronto.
Learn what moderate intensity exercise means
You may not be alone as researchers have found that many people tend to overrate how hard they work out or underestimate what moderate intensity exercise means.
Selfies daunting women on bad skin days: Study
Women say that the most important change a filter makes to a selfie is to hide flaws and wrinkles or that it helps achieve a better skin tone.
Obese kids face more diabetes, high BP risk
Obese kids are more vulnerable to these diseases as researchers have found that when children become obese, beginning as early as age six, there was an increase in the number of adipose cells (fat cells).
Stand up and present your case in boardroom
You are likely to give more creative inputs if you are standing up than sitting in a chair.
Make-up melt-proof tricks you ought to try
Here are a few tips from Hollywood’s make-up artists
‘Cool’ teenagers not so cool when they grow up
Once-cool teenagers were rated by their peers as being less competent in managing social relationships.
Spend a little more early and live life to the fullest
Think again. Researchers have found that working a little less and spending a little more early in life may be good for some, as it curbs the inequality that exists between the short- and long-lived.
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