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Three mistakes women make while buying heels
How long have you been wearing the same shoe size? It is important to realise that womenís feet are constantly changing due to factors such as ageing, weight gain or loss and pregnancy. Still there are a few mistakes that women make when buying that perfect pair.
Single woman in board boosts corporate practices
Companies with at least three women in board of directors rank even higher, depending on specific industry sectors.
Boost protein intake to lose weight
Overall energy intake seems to be less important than achieving the correct nutritional balance, the findings showed.
Listen to your wife to lower heart attack risk
Positive interactions with your partner can lower the risk of heart attack or stroke for you.
Unhealthy food items hard to let go
We generally get tempted by frequently advertised food items high in ingredients such as sugar, fat and salt.
Donít save for future? You may also be ignoring health
Insufficient retirement funds and chronic health problems are at least partially driven by the same time discounting preferences, the researchers showed.
Your boss uses social media more than you do!
It is very interesting that top executives, who are negative to web-surfing during working hours, are the ones who surf the most for private purposes when at work.
Beauty, hair tips for working girls
For working women, who are out in the field, there is hardly any time to follow a hair and beauty regime. Experts suggest some tips that can help them retain their radiance and look fabulous.
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