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Good sleep means less sick leave at work
Getting at least seven hours of night sleep is a key to overall health, which translates to less sick time away from work.
Hate-filled content bad for brain, finds study
Social networks increase the risk of being exposed to offensive behaviour and hate speeches that could have a harmful effect on people’s mental well-being, it added.
Can sleep loss shrink your brain?
The researchers examined the link between sleep difficulties and brain volume.
Spinach drink kills craving for junk food
The thylakoids extend digestion, producing a feeling of satiety.
Reviving appetite for healthy food possible: Study
Scientists have suspected that once unhealthy food addiction circuits are established they may be hard or impossible to reverse, subjecting people who have gained weight to a lifetime of unhealthy food cravings and temptation.
Eat your way to eight hours of sleep
Try including rice, cheese and potato in your diet to help you get a good night’s sleep.
Getting fresh wardrobe for new season causes stress: Survey
Men and women alike are already starting to worry about their attire, with two-thirds having planned their new seasonal wardrobe a month in advance.
Be aware of power of pomegranate
Organic pomegranate juice is highly beneficial for skin
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