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Does practice make you perfect? Meditation does
People with high mind-brain development are alert, interested in learning new things and disposed to see the whole picture.
Five ways to freshen up during summer
It’s a great way of adding a blast of colour to your summer wardrobe but be sure to keep it to just one item.
Yoga may not help asthma sufferers much: Study
Many people, including asthma sufferers, practice yoga for its health benefits.
Erase, restore memories at your will soon
In promising results, researchers have erased and reactivated memories in genetically-engineered rats - profoundly altering the animals’ reaction to past events.
‘Too much light in bedroom bad for your waistline’
Sleeping with too much light in the room increases the risk of obesity in women, a new study says.
Learn how to make your kids eat veggies
Exposing babies to a new vegetable early in life encourages them to eat more of it compared to offering new vegetables to older children, a new study has suggested.
Bicycling your way to happiness
Bicyclists tend to be a self-selected group who are very enthusiastic about their mode of transportation.
Use ‘healthy’ parts of food that get discarded
Parts of common fruits and vegetables we often discard and the ways we can easily include them in our diet.
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