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Make-up melt-proof tricks you ought to try
Here are a few tips from Hollywood’s make-up artists
‘Cool’ teenagers not so cool when they grow up
Once-cool teenagers were rated by their peers as being less competent in managing social relationships.
Spend a little more early and live life to the fullest
Think again. Researchers have found that working a little less and spending a little more early in life may be good for some, as it curbs the inequality that exists between the short- and long-lived.
Secret to healthy ageing unlocked!
The new study showed that young blood stem cells that lack SIRT1 behave like old ones.
Make the most of strawberries this summer
Strawberries are making their way in the summer menus, so get ready to eat them dipped in chocolate, smothered in cream or simply eaten fresh. What’s more - they can add to your beauty and health too!
Sport pastel to beat the heat
Donning a pastel coloured outfit is a refreshing and ideal way to beat the heat when it gets unbearably hot.
Eating breakfast helps burn calories: Study
Those who ate breakfast experienced little impact on snacking or portion sizes or a change in their resting metabolism, contrary to popular belief.
Living near fast food joints may make you impatient
Even packaged fast food is enough to raise people’s impatience, researchers says.
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