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New study claims taller people are smarter
The study was the first to analyse the DNA markers for height in people who are not related.
Marriage changes womenís priorities: Survey
Career and job were given number one spot with 53 per cent of women putting it as their number one concern.
Women lag behind men on job quality, shows study
Women enjoy hardly any advantage over men in the labour market.
Keira Knightley, Rihanna hit Chanelís supermarket
The "Chanel Shopping CentreĒ fall-winter show featured an audacious Walmart-sized reconstruction and saw the celebrity pair applaud vigorously from the front row.
Crash diet makes people lose friends too?
People find their friends when they diet, with a third of them deliberately avoiding those they know to be dieting.
Music turns regular food into something special
According to a new study on the effects of different background music on the taste of foods, genres of music can elicit different emotions and the enjoyment of some foods can be affected by emotions.
Food combinations that hinder digestion
An overview on food combinations that hinder digestion
More people hooked to social media before sleep
The average bedtime ritual consists of checking social media networks four times and watching 17 minutes of television.
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