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Remedies for hair problems during summer
To remove excess oil from your hair, you can give it a gentle rinse with lemon juice.
Watching TV for just an hour daily makes kids gain weight
The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) recommends limiting children and teens to less than two hours of screen time each day. The new study suggests that even that might be too much.
Chew gum to keep your head clear
The effect has been studied before, but its cause, and how to get rid of it, is not known.
Standing desks make students more attentive
The findings were based on a study of almost 300 children in second through fourth grade who were observed over the course of a school year.
How to better equip teens to thwart online risks
More resilient teens were less likely to suffer negative effects even if they were frequently online
Car seats not safe for baby naps
The researchers analysed records for 47 deaths associated with sitting and carrying devices; all but one were attributed to asphyxia (positional or strangulation).
Extra sleep may help restore memory
The findings have implications for humans as according to the researchers brain mechanisms that control sleep in fruit flies are similar to those seen in people.
Treadmill desk doesn’t hamper job performance
The health benefits likely outweigh any slight performance dips you may get from implementing the treadmill desk.
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