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Weight-loss surgery fuels job discrimination
New research showd obese people who undergo weight-reducing bariatric surgery are less likely to be hired.
Choose right mattress for sound sleep
Sleepy seniors with a medical condition and who get enough sleep: Pick a mattress which is firm enough for exact support to body contour for maximum comfort to your sleep.
Get spot-free face, silky tresses with green tea
Using green tea in your daily life can help you become healthy and beautiful.
Rotating night shift may cut your life short: Study
Rotating night shift was defined in the study as working at least three nights per month in addition to days or evenings in that month.
‘Small screens’ prevent kids from sleeping: US study
Those with a TV in the bedroom got 18 minutes fewer of slumber than kids without televisions in their rooms.
Chat with kids to improve their communication skills
The findings suggest that frequently talking to the infants while doing other things can boost their cognitive development.
Apps to help you keep New Year resolutions
Do you find keeping New Year’s resolutions a Herculean task? Download these apps.
Two cups of milk may be ideal for preschoolers
The study is based on observation, it cannot draw conclusions about cause and effect, he cautioned.
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