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Send the kids outside to play: Study
The new study stops short of recommending ways to get children who tend to stay inside out the door.
Practice will make you better, if not perfect
People who report practicing a lot generally tend to perform at a higher level than people who practice less.
Men out-talk women in large settings
A group of men and women with sociometers and split them in two different social settings for a total of 12 hours.
Gardens can cure dementia patients: Study
Gardens not only present an opportunity to relax in a calming setting, but also to remember skills and habits that have brought enjoyment in the past, Whear noted.
How stress leads to weight gain among women
Eating a single high-fat meal a day after experiencing one or more stressful events can slow the body’s metabolism, potentially contributing to weight gain, almost five kilogrammes a year, says a study.
Exercise best medicine for older women
Studies had shown that high intensity exercise over a sedentary lifestyle significantly reduced the risk of death.
Add avocado to diet to keep skin healthy
Avocados could help the body better use and absorb vitamin A from carotene-rich foods when eaten together.
How to jazz up your office wear
Everyone wants to look stylish and comfortable at the workplace. Soft flowing blouses, wide legged pants and draped jackets can help in achieving the desired look.
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