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Common male habits that annoy women
You may be madly in love with him, but every man has at least a habit that gets on a woman’s nerves.
Watch out for harmful chemicals in cosmetics
Chemicals like paraben and phthalates present in the products are capable of damaging skin.
Feel better with ‘beautiful but sad’ music
Choosing music identified as ‘beautiful’ was the only strategy that directly predicted mood enhancement.
Lots of sitting is dangerous for older adults
The odds of being disabled doubled for each additional hour of sedentary time in seniors
Effects of bullying may add up in kids: Study
About a third of the students had been regularly bullied at some point during the course of the study.
Grapes to do away with acne, skin dryness
Grapes are a magical fruit for your skin, says a skincare expert.
Your favourite cookie speaks volumes about you
From oatmeal raisin to oreo, there are numerous cookies for everyone and each type reflects your personality.
Fashion tips for a stylish work wardrobe
The fashion possibilities for working women are endless
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