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Grind teeth at night? Try yoga
While many people may not realise it, teeth-grinding is not just simply annoying, it could also be causing headaches, jaw pain and wearing down of your teeth.
Find the perfect sunglasses to frame your face
It’s important to find clothing which suits one’s body shape, but what about sunglasses that compliment the face shape? Many people opt for wrong shades, thereby creating a fashion disaster. Be wary!
Get to work early if want a good raise!
A study has found bosses to be favouring employees who, even though on flexible timings, arrived early.
Five steps to the perfect tan on holiday
Exfoliating body with a loofah and using a light tanning lotion a week before holidays can do wonders.
How to make sandwiches healthier
The use of ingredients like lower saturated fat dairy spreads and whole-grain bread to make it healthier
Limit fruit juice once a day to control sugar
Young people aged 11 to 19 are consuming, on average, 47 per cent too much sugar from fruit juices, soft drinks, cereal bars, biscuits and cakes, health experts said.
Indian women largest online food shoppers: Survey
The survey brings out the factor that ‘word of mouth’ is the most effective tool in attracting women to the brand.
Sleep tight to shun high-calorie diet
Lack of adequate rest at night is linked to poor food choices during the day, the findings showed.
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