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Brain chooses high-calorie food for you
The study is based on brain scans of healthy participants who were asked to examine pictures of various foods.
Depressed people, too, believe in brighter future
Like most adults, even depressed people believe in a brighter future, but for them this optimistic belief may not lead to better outcomes, found a research.
Reheat your pasta to avoid fat
By doing so, it will change the structure of the pasta into resistant starch which means less fat, says a new study.
Playing action video games boost motor skills
The gamers learn a sensorimotor skill that requires a pattern of coordination between vision and motor movement quicker than non-gamers do, the findings showed.
Weight loss race not for the slow and steady
Substantial weight loss is more likely to be achieved if undertaken rapidly, it pointed out.
One in three mothers unsure about food quality
Mothers are most concerned about the freshness and purity of the food they consume as well as the risk of its adulteration
Fast-track weight loss no less effective than slow: Study
Over the long term, fast-track and slow-track dieters are equally likely to regain most of the weight they lost, according to a paper published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.
Changing school schedule could help kids perform better
Thousands of 14-16 year-olds are to be given the chance of a lie-in and a later start to the school day to assess the impact on their educational achievement as part of a mass research project.
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