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Health tips for corporate employees
Expert shares health tips especially for working segment of our society.
How to earn, redeem frequent flier miles
Airplane tickets can be expensive, but frequent flier miles can alleviate those costs. Here is how to earn and redeem your miles to score free flights.
Yoga is a way of life -- not just about postures
Yoga is not about physical exercises, nor should it be construed as a shortcut to better health.
Ten lies rich people never tell themselves
It can be really easy to come up with excuses for spending more and more money. Recognize these 10 statements? Stop telling yourself these lies that keep you spending more than you should.
20-minutes of yoga can make you smarter
The 30 study subjects were young, female, undergraduate students.
Put your best foot’wear’ forward
Here are some tips on how to perfectly match your shoes with your dress:
Saris with small prints, slim borders lend slim look
Here are some tips on how to look slender yet stylish in a sari
Watching cat videos good for emotional health: Study
Cat videos had more views per video than any other category of YouTube content.
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