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Happy feet: Summer care tips
Summer is the time to show off your toes and your dainty feet, but it is also important to take care of them so you can flaunt them confidently.
White walls? The trick is choosing the right white
So you want to paint a room white. Sounds easy, until you go to the store to buy paint and discover there are dozens of whites to choose from.
Bedtime TV affects kids’ sleep badly
Even the presence of television in the bedroom is linked to less sleep among kids, said the study by researchers from MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) and Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) in the US.
Six skin habits to unlearn now
Some of the skin care techniques that people think are helping their skin are actually doing more harm than good, says skin care expert Renée Rouleau and adds that over time these habits may harm the skin.
Get a good night’s sleep for fresh look
Make-up can create a range of illusions that modify a person’s appearance, nothing compares with the benefits of a good night’s sleep.
Facebook leading women to eating disorders!
More time spent on Facebook was associated with more negative feelings and more comparisons to the bodies of friends
Have green tea to boost working memory
Scientists have been inquiring into the beverage’s positive impact on the human brain
Who you sit beside decides your position!
Co-sponsorship of a senator’s bill was more likely to come from those sitting near them.
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