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Workers sacrificing sleep for long hours: Study
Adults working in multiple jobs, are 61 percent more likely to report sleeping six hours or less on weekdays.
Indians most addicted to smartphones globally: Survey
Americans tend to be the most satisfied with their repair process while Brazilians are the least satisfied.
Parental neglect fuels toddlersí aggressive behaviour
The parentsí behaviour - punitive and affectionate behaviour - was also assessed.
Donít be an office jerk to sell fresh ideas: Study
People are often labelled as jerks if they are disagreeable by nature, overly confident, dominant, argumentative, egotistic, headstrong or sometimes even hostile.
Sport belted scarf look in style
The size of the belt depends on the weight of the scarf (the thicker the material, the thicker the belt).
Tips to avoid blowing up wedding budget
Itís so easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting to buy things, that money can get spent on little fun details that in the end will not mean as much as you originally thought.
Follow smart tips to beat jet lag
Sleep researchers have found ways to make jet lag less complicated, reports
Smartphone use can ruin your leisure
The high-use group averaged over 10 hours of cell phone use per day.
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