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Bieber involved in car accident after evading paparazzi
The accident allegedly occurred when a third vehicle, a BMW, pulled out quickly from a parking structure nearby and struck the SUV containing Bieber.
Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow to reunite for show
Perry is the fourth “Friends” star to make a cameo appearance on the show.
Gaga was poisoned by fame, says former friend
Pop star Lady Gaga’s former friend Perez Hilton says she was “poisoned by fame”.
Shah Rukh Khan undergoes eye surgery, all’s well
The 48-year-old underwent the surgery for vision correction and all is well now
Witness turns hostile in Salman hit-and-run case
The security guard was unable to explain during the ongoing re-trial why police recorded a ‘false version’ of his statement.
‘Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ star Eli Wallach dies
No other details of his death were immediately available
Jennifer Lopez still believes in marriage
The singer-actress says she would love to walk down the aisle again in the future
Sylvester Stallone returns for ‘Rambo V’
A press release suggests that the action star is writing the screenplay and will star as one-man army Rambo.
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