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Tom Cruise works overtime as ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ debuts overseas
Success overseas will be critical if “Edge of Tomorrow” is going to be a winner for Warner Bros
‘Maleficent’ exposes roots of Disney’s wicked witch
“Maleficent,” released on Friday in the United States, amounts to a towering tribute to Jolie, who produces and stars in the film about the Disney witch with unlimited powers.
Kim and Kanye marry in romantic Florence
Screaming fans were seen mobbing 16th-century Fort Belvedere in Florence on Saturday as hundreds of guests gathered for Kim and Kanye’s sumptuous wedding party.
Turkish drama ‘Winter Sleep’ wins Cannes top prize
“Winter Sleep” drew rave reviews as a slow-burn domestic drama that mesmerised audiences despite its more than three-hour length.
Versailles, Valentino: Big day for Kim and Kanye
The reality TV star and Kanye West are expected to wed in Italy on Saturday.
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