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For Angelina Jolie, acting to take backseat
Jolie will be seen in “Maleficent” to be released on May 28, a movie that will see her take on the title role.
Jane Campion: ‘Indefatigable pioneer’ of film
Campion described the festival as a “mythical and exciting” place where “amazing things can happen”.
Movie heavyweights line up in race for Cannes glory
All eyes will also be on debuts by Canadians Ryan Gosling and Xavier Dolan.
‘Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return’ marks box-office debut for Clarius Entertainment
Lea Michele will be singing at Clarius Entertainment’s coming out party at the box office this weekend.
George Clooney’s fiancee thought proposal was a prank
"George was blown away by her passion, her brains, and sheer force of will,” quoted a source as saying.
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