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Juwaireya is stronger than cancer

Suad Hamada (Bahrain Beat) / 22 July 2012

When most girls of her age are daydreaming, she is engaged in a twitter campaign to promote her story as a cancer patient to draw inner strength and at the same time be a source of inspiration for other patients.

The leukemic 17-year- old Bahraini girl, Juwaireya Al Shomili, has spent most of her last five years in a hospital. She is now tweeting her story from the hospital in Singapore where she is recovering from the bone marrow transplant.

She has more than 1,300 followers who make her feel stronger as through her tweets she forgets her pain and suffering. As she had to undergo chemotherapy her immune system became weak and this led to loss of sight in her left eye because of severe infection.

The tweets started on July 1 through her account @Juwaireya. “I was 12 when I was diagnosed with cancer and before that I was a normal girl enjoying my childhood,” she tweeted. “My doctor told me I have leukemia, it was the first time I heard the word, couldn’t understand.”

At age of 14, she recovered from cancer and started leading a normal life for a year before she was diagnosed with leukemia again.

She hopes the transplant will be the beginning of a new and healthy life.

A member of the Child Wish Campaign and a relative of Juwaireya, Manal Al Awadhi, said that the tweets made a new girl out of Juwaireya. “She was able to deal with her pains through the tweets. She feels sad whenever she is not able to tweet because of her condition,” she explained.

Al Awadhi said that the tweets also send out a message for other children or adults suffering from cancer to learn from her experience that this aliment could be defeated with love, determination and courage.

Around 1,75,000 fish 
released in the sea

A programme for nourishing local natural fish has been launched by the Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife in preselected locations in Bahrain’s territorial waters.

As part of the programme, around 1,75,000 fish were released recently at 18 locations including coral reefs on the eastern and northern coastal waters and various sanctuaries in the country.

The fish breeding project at the National Marine Fishery Centre was launched as early as 1999.  It aimed at increasing fish production in order to meet consumer demand and also helps protect the endangered species.

Bahrain capable of overcoming all obstacles: Minister

Bahrain is capable of overcoming all obstacles hindering its development as its deep-rooted civilisational heritage and rich cultural history is laden with tolerance and solidarity, Labour Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan has said .

He said this while attending a workshop on “National Reconciliation” hosted by the Labour Ministry in cooperation with the UN Development Programme and the Bahrain Institute for Political Development.

The minister said the kingdom has always been and will remain solid, indivisible and a strong promoter of the values of love, tolerance and  national unity.

“Tackling the issue of national reconciliation does not mean that we are divided, but aims to consolidate the values of patriotism and national cohesion and heal the rifts that divide the components of the one-family Bahraini society,” the minister said.

treatment plan, treatment and recovery at these centres.

He also stressed the importance of conducting primary tests for new patients on the first day of their admission for better survival rates.

The professor recommended that these centres should be established and managed by the public sector, in order for the facilities to be offered to all segments of society.

“About advancements in treatment of cancer, regional medical facilities have all ingredients in term of services for patients, but they need to put them together in a proper way to improve cancer treatment in this part of the world,” he explained.

About breast cancer he attributed fatality cases to the ignorance among women as some of them believe that nothing could be done so they seek treatment only in late stages.

‘Muharraq’ has a green gate

A vertical garden, which is the first of its kind in Middle East, was opened recently in Muharraq.

It is considered as the gate of the ancient city and part of the projects of the Shaikh Ibrahim Centre for Culture and Research to revive and preserve the heritage of Muharraq.

The green gate was designed by a French expert, in which he selected 200 plants that could survive and grow in desert climate.


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