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Enjoy working out, dance your way to fitness

Dhanusha Gokulan / 6 May 2012

Want to be fit? Fad diets and two hours at the gym are not helping? Starving, weaning off junk food and going completely green have not helped, either? It is probably because you are not enjoying your workouts.

According to fitness experts, for a positive and long lasting reduction in weight and a healthy lifestyle, it is very important that people enjoy their exercise routines. Young people need a routine that will keep them interested in working out.

Nadia V, fitness trainer at the Discovery Fitness Centre said: “I teach aerobics and belly dancing to my students. When you get into fitness, it must be slow and the body must not be pushed or shocked into exercise. The initial one week has to be slow. I see a lot of people joining the gym and quitting in less than a week.” Nadia recommends a routine that is tailor-made. “It has to be something that you enjoy, or there is no point,” added Nadia. Fatima Sabry, a 19-year-old student, said: “I started working out a year ago, and initially I started out by just hitting the gym. I did not see much changes and I think it was mainly because I was not enjoying my fitness routines,” said Sabry. “Someone I know introduced me to Zumba and the next thing I know, I started to love working out.” Zumba is a fitness form that involves both dance and aerobics elements. The choreography includes hip-hop, salsa, samba and martial arts among several other elements. Another fitness enthusiast, 21-year-old Sherry Jalees said: “I love working out, and I have been doing it for the last two years.

I had put on a lot of weight and I really enjoyed losing it was because I loved my routines. I dabbled with belly dancing, kick boxing and a little bit of zumba,” said Jalees.

Meanwhile, certain experts also recommend dance as a brilliant way to stay fit. Anoop Ravi, aged 22, has been dancing for the 12 years.

He is a classical and freestyle dancer with the Dubai-based Showstoppers dance troupe. Trained in Indian classical dance forms Bharatnatyam and Kuchupudi, Ravi also dabbles with hip-hop and Bollywood dances. He said: “Dance is a great way to stay fit. The results are a lot faster and you can have a lot of fun working out. It is something equivalent to cardio when you are working out at your gym. You like a song and you learn the dance steps and it is something that you will enjoy and burn some carbs as well.”

Another professional dancer Hitesh Rajani teaches dance to those in the age group of 8 to 15. A trainer at Time to Body, Rajani says that dance is an excellent way to remain fit and lose weight. He said that having a good trainer is a high point in fitness. “See that you go to a good trainer, someone who looks physically fit. Your trainer should be your role model and you would want to look like how he or she does. The second thing you need to worry about is building your stamina. If you don’t feel improvement in a month, you are in the wrong place.” Professional dancers charge from Dh200 to 1,000 or above for personal training. Zumba classes are available at the American School of Dubai, Core Studio and the Dubai Ladies Club.


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