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The Man who created a forest
Khaleej Times meets Jadav Payeng, who single-handedly turned a barren sandbar into a big thick forest. His green mission could ultimately save the world’s largest river island
Why Mars is the planet man wants to reach and explore?
It’s the closest, the least inhospitable, most frequented and most storied celestial neighbour.
Blast from the past
A widow is getting ready to set up a perfume business that will provide others like her the comfort of the smells of their dear departed. In a bottle.
Made in SA, delivered in India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to be a proud man that even the foreigners are taking the Made in India mantra seriously.
Making their dreams come true
She played the monster boss in The Devil Wears Prada, but she is anything but a she devil. Meryl Streep is a friend to every woman in Hollywood, a guide, a mentor and a helping hand to every woman who has a dream. Last week, she made a significant commitment towards making their dreams a reality.
Lessons from Nepal
What the recent NEPAL catastrophe can teach about improving earthquake resilience in developing world.
How technology helps us map earthquakes faster than ever
Holographic capabilities built into Windows 10 operating software — to be released late this year — would open doors for developers to augment tasks from complex surgery to motorcycle design.
‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ credits motherhood
Bullock took the opportunity to highlight the internal beauty that comes from authentically showing love to the people around you.
Apples to oranges
Chinese smart watch makers who churn out cheaper imitations expect the Apple Watch to boost demand
Rahul Gandhi: The return of the lost prince
In India, the return of the prodigal son, after a mysterious 56-day disappearance from public life, kept the media, political parties and the general public riveted last week. They are hoping the break has done Rahul Gandhi a world of good and that he is now ready to take on the formidable Narendra Modi government and also the mantle of leadership of India’s oldest political party, the Congress.
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