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Turf war bloodies fortune-telling
Corruption, murder and the future of astrology in India
Tibetan musician helps mentally ill patients find their voice
On a sunny June afternoon in Kingston, New York, a sleepy, sun-bleached town about two hours north of Manhattan, this voice fills a small, 15th-century Dutch church.
Happy Birthday America!
The United States of America was born when a group of 13 colonies declared their independence from Great Britain.
Virginia wants Confederate flag off licence plates
Praising fellow Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina for her call to remove the Confederate flag from her statehouse’s grounds, McAuliffe said that Virginia should follow her lead.
Time to remove Confederate monuments?
After the killing of nine people in a Bible class at a historic Black church in North Carolina, there’s a chorus to remove Confederate monuments.
Yoga for healthy body, healthy mind
The 5000-year old body of knowledge had gone global decades ago. June 21 marks the first United Nations-recognised International Day of Yoga. Here’s a primer and what to expect tomorrow.
The Man who created a forest
Khaleej Times meets Jadav Payeng, who single-handedly turned a barren sandbar into a big thick forest. His green mission could ultimately save the world’s largest river island
100th grandchild on board for Illinois couple
Illinois couple says there’s always room for one more grandchild.
Why Mars is the planet man wants to reach and explore?
It’s the closest, the least inhospitable, most frequented and most storied celestial neighbour.
Blast from the past
A widow is getting ready to set up a perfume business that will provide others like her the comfort of the smells of their dear departed. In a bottle.
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