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Global Investing

From Russia with love... and alpha!
The point of maximum pessimism is often an inflection point in the land where pessimism has been entirely rational for centuries or at least since October 1917.
Oxy a play?
I believe brent crude at $99 and energy shares now offer compelling value for global investors. Why? One, geopolitical risk is rising in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Venezuela, Iran and Kuwait.
What’s next for emerging and frontier markets?
Wall street flashes a deflation SOS to me as the yield on the 10-year German Bunds/US Treasuries flash to 50-year lows, local currency emerging bond yields plunge to new post-Lehman lows, yields curves flatten, Dr Copper and the base metals get gutted on the London Metal Exchange and Chinese swap rates plunge.
The rationale for gold’s death spiral
It is no coincidence that the birth of the spectacular bull market in gold coincided with the post-9/11 easy-money policies of the Greenspan Fed in 2002.
Enigma of North Korea
It is difficult for an investment strategist to assess geopolitical risk. After all, even the CIA was unable to predict the collapse of the Soviet Union or the Shah of Iran’s loss of his Peacock Throne.
Japan: Empire of the rising shares
Even though I wrote successive columns on the prospects for a major yen depreciation/Nikkei Dow index rally two months before the election of the LDP’s Shinzo Abe as the Japanese Prime Minister last November,
Japan Inc and emerging markets
As in 2010, 2011 and 2012, global growth seems to have hit a mini-iceberg in Q2, even though the Fed and the Bank of Japan have scaled up the expansion of their balance sheets.
Is Italian risk set to escalate?
Mamma, pasta, discoteca was how an Italian friend described the three preoccupations of his compatriots during a visit to pre-Berlusconi Rome.
Google is expensive!
Google has been a stunning performer in the past twelve months, thanks to the failure of the Facebook IPO, the success of Android in emerging markets, the resilience of its global search businesses and the monetisation of YouTube.
Uber-strong yuan is for real
The bank of japan’s monetary revolution has ignited fears of a currency war in Asia, as the declines in the South Korean won and the Taiwan dollar demonstrate. But not in Beijing.
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