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Legal View

Liquidated companies liable to pay outstanding salaries
Pursuant to your question, it has been noted that you have already registered your complaint with the Ministry of Labour.
Designation on visa is actual position
It may be advised that owing to the difference in the designations, you may not have to face any difficulties, as the position mentioned in your visa shall be your actual designation vis-a-vis the offer letter, for all legal purposes.
Labour law prevails over staff handbook
Employment at the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is subject to provisions of the Federal Law No 8 of 1980 on Labour Regulation.
Legal View: Companies cannot retain passports
Employment visa automatically expires if employee stays outside the UAE for more than a period of six months and the employer doesn't issue a letter and remit fee.
Legal View: Exemption from automatic visa cancellation possible
As per the laws regulating residence visas in the UAE, a residence permit becomes invalid if the holder of the visa stays outside the country for a continuous period of more than six months.
Legal View: Uniform employment law for 7 emirates
While certain free-zones have their own employment laws and regulations, the latter are also generally modelled on the federal law on most matters.
Wife can sponsor family only under certain criteria
There are certain criteria and rules based on which a mother may be allowed to sponsor her children’s residence visas in the UAE
Husband cannot work under wife’s sponsorship
The prevailing regulations in the UAE do not allow a husband to be employed while he is under the sponsorship of his wife.
Legal View: Check for non-competitor clause before resigning
Non-competitor clause or agreement imposes restrictions on employee from taking up employment with a competitor of the employer.
Issuing NOC for driving licence is employer’s discretion
It is not mandatory for the employer to issue the NOC and escalating this matter to the Ministry of Labour may not help the employee.
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