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Migrant tragedy
Itís shocking to see migrants dying at sea on their way to Europe.
Solar-powered WiFi
Itís nice to know that Dubai is installing charging points in parks for electronic devices.
Long commute
Iím losing sleep over the long commutes to work. Itís becoming unafforable to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and we are forced to find an apartment in Sharjah, or other emirates.
Iranís Meddling
With the Houthis continuing their advance into different parts of Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have relaunched their strikes against the rebels.
Donít text and drive
I read with interest a report that said many people are texting and driving.
Banking on youth
I was surprised to read that more Arab youth are turning away from democracy in the latest Arab Youth Survey.
In response to crying shame
This is in response to the editorial, ĎCrying shameí (KT, April 21).
Metro system for Sharjah
This is with reference to letters in these columns regarding the need for a Metro system for Sharjah.
Capital punishment
This refers to the recent report on the beheading of an Indonesian worker in Saudi Arabia.
Avoiding accidents
Road safety is a critical issue that needs special attention as thereís one death reported every minute on the streets of India.
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