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Vote in Tunisia and its significance
The results of the elections in Tunisia have significance for Turkey in particular, and for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in general. The reason is self-evident.
Pollution at its peak
This is with reference to the news about the repercussions of excessive burning of firecrackers in Delhi (KT, October 28).
Turbulence in Mideast
The history of the Middle East in the post-colonial era has been one of wars and conflicts with long-standing regional antagonisms and rivalries that show no signs of abating.
Shabby houses need renovations
This is in response to the letter on shabby houses in these columns. Some buildings in Dubai need a face-lift and surroundings require a clean up.
Imran Khan’s campaign
Pakistan’s cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan exhibited courage as he said that he is not going to end his sit-ins against the government.
Curbing illegal taxis
There are many spots in Dubai like Nasser Square, Bur Dubai Bus Station, Sabkha Bus Station, Jafaliya Immigration bus stop where you see drivers are openly sourcing passengers and I see some of the faces are same for the last many years. How could the RTA authorities ignore this trend for such a long time?
From the Top of Burj Khalifa
The Top of Burj Khalifa has been opened for the general public. The new observation deck is 24 levels above the previous public observation deck on 124th floor.
Flawed strategy
The news item (KT, October 24) that the United States is attacking the ISIS oil facilities is a positive development.
Happy New Year: Winner or loser?
After a fabulous Diwali, my ‘happiness’ hangover pushed me to watch the Happy new year, the recent Bollywood release — in order to secure more happiness. To be honest — instead of adding any happiness — the film, eventually undid some of my happiness, as more was expected from the team!
Balancing verbosity
This is in response to the Opinion article, ‘To speak or not to speak’ (KT, October 24). Talking is an art. That has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible.
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