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Tree plantation challenge
The news article on Mammooty’s, ‘My Tree Challenge’ made interesting reading. (“A tree in Dubai named Mammootty” City Times, September 18)
New US envoy to India
This is in response to the editorial, ‘Right move at right time’ (September 21). American-born Indian American Richard Verma’s appointment as the new US ambassador to India by President Barrack Obama in his second-term when the Asian Pivot is under serious deliberations in the White House gives unambiguous example of the right move by a president who is continuously being blamed for dithering issues faced by him.
Responsibiliy of Parents and guardians
Nowadays, it is difficult for parents and guardians to control and know each activity of their children (who are minors).
Scotland’s independent dependence!
The verdict of 55-45 is petty close in the Scot referendum. Staying united is always desirable but what are the stakes?
Bicycle benefits
Bicycle sales are booming both in Europe and the United States.
Donating for poor
Joy of giving should not remain confined to the holy month of Ramadan only. Rather it must be continuing process throughout the year. The organisers should initiate giver friendly advertisements and create required logistical support so that this activity becomes smooth.
New beacons of hope
Every generation thinks that the next generation is vastly different from their own and often rues about the diminishing values, traditions and defining qualities.
Believing in ability
Fearless Fearnley’s story (Human to Hero, wknd, September 12) is truly an inspirational and morale boosting one. Such stories make us re-think about our worth and ‘ability’ and also push us to raise our bars.
Resounding noise
Hope the RTA would consider muting the tagging sound as the opening of the gate is a very proof of the successful tagging of the card, in addition to the display of the balance and current charges, which ascertain that the check-out is done with.
Hope for future
In the world where wars and violence have dominated of late, one comes across heart warming anecdotes and incidents where young ones donate generously and respond to human misery instantly.
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