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Nuclear Deal
The trust that has been achieved is of immense importance and it is a good thing that Iran and its adversary, the United States, had dealt with critical issues in a bilateral manner.
India-US ties
The American president has to justify every such action to senior leaders of the party and the opposition that it (his decision) is in interest of the United States.
UAE National Day
The Pan-Arab colours in the flag namely green, black, white and red depict Arab unity, deeds of benevolence, goodness and kindness.
BJP has shown technology counts
The BJP far outshone the Congress Party across the country and its growth is inevitable.
Parking fines, a problem that will continue
Parking space problems will go on where there are 1.3 million cars with only 4.5 lakh official parking spaces available.
Barack Obama at his best
This is in response to the editorial 'Obama at his best' (KT, November 23).
Waiting for National Day celebrations
Everybody is waiting for the colourful National Day celebrations.
Regional threats
The ISIS is the biggest threat that the Middle East has faced since time immemorial.
Kids' online safety
This is in response to the article ‘Are kids safe online?’ Due to excessive use of technology by children these days, the rate of child sexual abuse has gone down.
For the homeless people
This is in response to the letter ‘Homeless people’ (KT, November 21). In today’s age and era, abandoning old and the aged has become quite rampant.
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