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Cruelty to animals
Donkey carts are widely used in different parts of the Third World, and in Pakistan, as a medium of transportation.
Environmental loss in Pakistan
Karachi, Peshawar and Rawalpindi rank among the world’s most polluted cities in terms of annual average PM2.5 measurements.
Rahman’s Sufi night
Every nook and corner of the city spoke of the world premiere of A.R Rahman’s Sufi night in Dubai.
Troublesome report
Last week marked a moment of epiphany for American masses, in particular, and world citizens, in general.
Give peace a chance
Two apparently diverse statements relating to Kashmir were delivered by the Indian Prime Minister at the SAARC meeting on November 29 when talking to Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani Prime Minister, as reported in ‘Changed mood of Modi vindication of Pakistan stance’.
An excellent move for Indians
This refers to the news report ‘Indians told to register on online database — Aim to build comprehensive database of expats working and residing in the UAE, (Khaleej Times, December 17).
A henious act
Which parent would have imagined that their little angels would come back home from school in coffins.
Cutting trees leads to many problems
Deforestation has become a worldwide concern as it further leads to many problems like droughts, floods, land erosion and even global warming.
Peshawar killings
The massacre of schoolchildren by Taleban is too shocking and painful.
Fall in oil prices
Indian oil price has been reduced almost 22 per cent.
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