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Life’s like that…
George Santayana, the Spanish philosopher had once said, “the world is a perpetual caricature of itself.”
Stringent punishment
This has reference to the article on the accused bus driver asked to pay Dh 2.60 million for causing the death of 13 passengers, injuring others and some seriously.
Mess in Libya
The situation in Libya warrants military intervention either unilaterally by the United States or multilaterally by the United Nations.
Charity at home
This is in response to the news item, “Lifeless at 27”.
Healthy diet course
A bright new day it was to start the school.
Hope from e-cigarettes
I have to laugh every time someone writes that there’s no evidence that proves e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking.
Reading habit
A lot of things have changed, including technology, tradition, culture, etc.
Brutal acts brought by war
Brutal wars are being conducted in the name of national security, the cost to humanity is staggering.
Cell phone usage
It has become a permanent trend and habit of our people to bring cell phones in mosques and not to turn them off, as a result of which the cell phones start ringing any moment.
Eradicate wars; make the world gentle
Wars are raging across our planet. We look on silently as innocent people are killed.
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