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Change mindsets
The spread of extremist thought is worrying. Many people stand by and watch as people preach hate. Silent spectators are the ones who encourage terrorists and their activities.
Video piracy hits Indian film industry
This is in response to the cyber crime tragedy that has hit the Indian film industry recently. It is owing to the negligence of the censor board and state authorities that are failing to take an action on the issue.
The selfie culture these days
Once upon a time we shunned any invasion into our private moments. We went to great lengths to protect our privacy. We were taught to pause and to reflect and were expected to be guarded in our speech.
Education is priority
This is in response to the Opinion article by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, 'Schooling and social change in Pakistan' (KT, July 2).
Air India delay
Child labour in Syria
Ramadan, the season of giving
Iran nuclear agreement, not a fair deal
Sinai situation spirals out of control
Yemen crisis continues
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