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The wedding bash of Mulayam's kin
Indian politicians’ extravaganza and plundering of public wealth is no secret. Time to time such news appears in media, but these corrupt leaders continue their pillage.
Promote religious tolerance
The attitude of Canadian judge Eliana Marengo, insisting that a Muslim women must remove her scarf before hearing her case, is an act of crass religious intolerance.
Social connectivity
Whatsapp could provide freedom to many obnoxious and anonymous persons, which might result in people becoming victims of foul play.
Selfless bonding
We cannot live by ourselves. We need friends, kith and kin and near and dear ones to make life more sustainable.
Oil slump
The falling oil price is a matter of concern to most organisations. Though, oil price is reviving, economists predict that there would be another slump.
Cultural Crime
Daesh is destroying the common heritage of mankind
Exam anxiety
A planned schedule, a rigid revision chart, regular prayer, a good combo of diet, exercise, sleep, and positive thinking are tools that increase confidence levels.
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Instagram and now the Whatsapp — they are ruling our lives.
Pavements causing inconvenience
Scrap the veto power
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