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Fighting rages in Yemen capital despite UN talk of deal
A week of fighting between the two sides has left dozens of people dead and forced the suspension of all flights into or out of Sanaa airport.
Turkish hostages released after negotiations, says Erdogan
President says no ransom had been paid for the release of hostages held by ISIS militants in Iraq .
Egypt military aircraft crash kills six
During military training, a technical failure led to the crash of the aircraft carrying troops in Kom Aushim in Fayoum province.
Bomb blast kills two policemen in Egyptís capital: State TV
The explosion occurred on a sidewalk in the neighbourhood of Boulaq Abu Eila.
Princess Sabeeka congratulates goodwill ambassador for women
Princess Sabeeka described the achievement Mounira bint Saleh bin Hindi's appointment as a tribute for the strenuous efforts made in voluntary work and social care.
Kurds head to Syria from Turkey to fight militants
The movement of hundreds of Kurdish fighters into Syria reflected the ferocity of the fighting in the northern Kobani area, which borders Turkey.
Iran has Ďroleí in fighting ISIS militants: Kerry
Iranís supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said this week that his government had rejected a request from the United States for cooperation on the battlefield.
Car bomb attacks kill 20 people in Baghdad
In the dayís deadliest attack, a parked explosives-packed car detonated in central Baghdadís district of Karradah, killing eight people and wounding 18 others, police said.
Rebels shell Yemen state TV, residents flee fighting
The conflict intensified on Thursday when Shia Houthi rebels clashed with the army on the outskirts of Sanaa, and expanded into fighting mainly between the Houthis and tribesmen allied with Al Ahmar clan, residents said.
Yemen rebels agree to end Sanaa clashes
The rebels, known as Huthis or Ansarullah, are demanding a new government, accusing the current one of corruption.
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