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New Suez Canal boosts Egypt-UAE ties
It will increase revenues by 259 per cent to reach $13.226 billion per year by 2023, up from the current $5.3 billion.
China spreads influence as US loses its way
Satellite photographs taken this week show that China has almost completed an airstrip on one of the many artificial islands it has created in the Spratly archipelago over the last year and a half.
Turning tweets into poetry—automatically
Randomly picked tweets paired by an algorithm are making some funny, and often deep, poetry
Your status update is your fingerprint
Slicing through millions of messages offers a vivid look at personality
US can arm twist Israel into talking with Palestinians
Washington knows it holds the cards to pressure or persuade Tel Aviv to stop settlement activities by halting direct aid to the Jewish state.
Any deal with Iran unfair to the GCC
The GCC is wary and justified in its suspicion following the proxy wars Iran has wrought on the region; the US wants out, while Iran is expected to gain the most.
No lame duck, Obama shows he’s still got what it takes
Much of Obama’s presidency has been a grind, during which he’s been criticized from both political directions.
Stop hounding and humiliating Athens
July 5 vote offers the opportunity for a historic break with an increasingly untenable status quo
Shaping up and staying cool with yoga
As an exercise regime it can compare to anything else that gets the joints and muscles smooth and pliable.
Biofuels put more food on table
Biofuels have become a fact of life, and their use is expected to continue to increase steadily.
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