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The eerie dilemma between coincidence and conspiracy
The alleged cover up in this scam which has gripped the country is turning scarier by the day.
What if Greece and Iran are indeed bluffing?
Both the Greek and Iranian governments are trumpeting a historical narrative that portrays them as the victims.
Network will protect Internet of Things
You can control your home’s temperature from the office, turn on the lights from the couch, and watch video from your home security system while on vacation.
Digital shield for Dubai
With improved connectivity, cyber security is a shared responsibility
When sport causes a racket
At Wimbledon, I am betting on Federer, making his last hurrah at the advanced age of 33.
Thank you, daddy, for making me your selfie
I hope that your paternal concerns will not shackle me in the name of protection.
World must fight Daesh with all its might
The more we delay tackling Daesh jointly, the more they will hit us where it hurts.
New Suez Canal boosts Egypt-UAE ties
It will increase revenues by 259 per cent to reach $13.226 billion per year by 2023, up from the current $5.3 billion.
China spreads influence as US loses its way
Satellite photographs taken this week show that China has almost completed an airstrip on one of the many artificial islands it has created in the Spratly archipelago over the last year and a half.
Turning tweets into poetry—automatically
Randomly picked tweets paired by an algorithm are making some funny, and often deep, poetry
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