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Legal View

Employees entitled to payments for overtime
The maximum normal hours of work has been prescribed as eight hours a day or alternatively 48 hours a week.
Domestic workers outside purview of ‘Labour Law’
Visa for domestic workers is issued directly by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs(the immigration department).
30 days leave only after completion of one year
Employee entitled to take two days of leave every month after completing six months of service in accordance with the Labour Law.
Legal View: Broker’s fee in Dubai is negotiable
Real estate brokerage in Dubai is regulated by By-Law No 85 of 2006 Regarding the Regulation of Real Estate Brokers’ Register in the Emirate of Dubai
Non-payment of salary is violation of UAE laws
Non-payment of salary by an employer is a violation of the labour laws in the UAE.
Legal View: Landlords can hike rent within limit
The change of the ownership of your flat shall have no effect upon your tenancy contract being renewed.
No law on the number of rent instalments
the law clearly states that all specifications pertaining to the relation between a landlord and a tenant must be properly laid out in the tenancy contract.
Wife entitled to monetary support
Wife is legally entitled to receive monetary support from her husband at all times during the continuance of marriage and has the right to seek legal remedy in case such support is not forthcoming.
Government alone can lift a life ban set by court
If the order for deportation and life-time ban was imposed by way of a judicial process, no further procedures can be taken up.
Legal view: Labour ban cannot be imposed on engineers
Engineers, doctors, pharmacists, agricultural guides, accountants have been put in the list of professionals who may not be imposed with a labour ban.
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