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I have a dream
In his day job V.R. Ferose is a techie and a very busy man steering innovation at the German multinational SAP AG but in his free time he is spearheading a movement that he hopes will one day create a more inclusive world for people born with disabilities. Last week he ignited the same passion in hundreds of people who arrived in Banglore for the India Inclusion Summit that he founded three years ago.
Print on-the-go
To be able to print out documents one still needs to rush to the nearest print shop such as Fedex Kinkos or an Office Max outlet, armed with the document saved in a USB drive or SD card.
The mechanical smart watches
The great mechanical timepieces and fine wristwatches which are masterpieces of craftsmanship and exquisite engineering have taken a backseat, though hardcore enthusiasts still flaunt them with pride.
Rainbow Man
Rainbow Loom inventor Cheong Choon Ng opens up to Sandhya Ravishankar on his creation coming to UAE and how he keeps it real
Tony Abbott: The Mad Monk
He is a bundle of contradictions, evoking fierce criticism from his political opponents. 
SANDHYA RAVISHANKAR profiles Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott
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