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Global Investing

A random walk in Asian equities
Emerging markets equities have lagged Wall Street in the first three months of 2013, with wide variations among countries, sectors, currencies and credit.
The US Dollar Index is on a roll!
The meteoric rise of the US dollar in 2013 has been less due to hydraulic fracking in North Dakota, offshore appetite for American equities or cross border merger mania on Wall Street than on macro/event risks (Italy, Cyprus, Abenomics, QE on Threadneedle Street) that have gutted the euro, yen and sterling.
Cyprus and West Europe’s money
Are the lights going out once again in Europe? The crisis in Cyprus demonstrates the extent to which the exigencies of local German politics can trigger contagion and banking crises across Europe, making a mockery of Mario Draghi’s “I will do whatever it takes” (Merkel, Bundesbank, Constitutional Court and German public opinion permitting must now be the caveat!) to save the euro.
What next for American banks?
2013 has been kind to American money centre bank shares, thanks to accelerating US growth momentum, a Bernanke Fed firmly on hold, the recent successful Fed stress tests, benign capital markets and the resurgence of the housing market.
Europe’s black swans
“It was worse than a crime, it was a blunder”. This was Talleyrand’s verdict on Napoleon’s order for the execution of the Duc d’Enghien, a minor Bourbon prince in exile.
The message from global markets
The financial markets are once again at an inflection point, thanks to the Italian political impasse and the Cypriot banking shocker (which has the footprints of Frau Nein von Berlin all over it!
What explains Russia’s deep discount?
Winston churchill once described Russia as a “riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma”. After more than a decade watching and investing in Russia, I can well sympathise with Churchill’s riddle-enigma metaphor.
What next for Southeast Asia equities?
Asian equities in 2013 were dominated by the bull markets in Japan and Southeast Asia, yen depreciation and consequent foreign selling in South Korea and Taiwan, political and inflation woes in India, a cyclical uptick in China and a non index fairy tale in Vietnam.
The smiling dollar
2013 has seen a seismic shift in correlations in the global currency markets.
The German question
Brandenburg-prussia morphed into the German Empire under Otto Bismarck in 1870. The Prussian Army’s cruel siege of Paris, the crowning of the Hohenzollern king as the German Emperor in Versailles, the humiliation and capture of Napoleon III and the loss of Alsace-Lorraine poisoned French-German relations for the next seventy five years.
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