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Through thick and thin
UAE along with Arab states has always been supportive of Egypt
Is China the bad guy?
Under Beijing, HK had more democracy than permitted by London
Babies go back to school
Working mothers are sending their kids to school this week
The clove voyages
Little is known of clove trade that kings, pirates and navies tried to control
Just kids, till they depart
Parenting is a task nobody gives up till it is time to move on
The ‘price’ of happiness!
Should we value something by its price? Or price something by its value?
The war India forgot!
They served with courage but hardly ever remembered?
Nato and else — all failed
Demonstrators must have a strategy to usher in real change
Armageddon can wait
Global threat is used to deflect attention from domestic woes
Mother of all blowback
Mideast imperium is pushing Obama towards military action
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