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Afghan Taleban feel Daesh heat
Cadre see rival group from Syria, Iraq as winning horse and could shift loyalties.
Singapore’s lessons for America
In thinking about America’s enduring racial divide, I found myself intrigued by some lessons from an unlikely source — Singapore.
When too much empathy hurts
Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is good, but not when it becomes the default mode of relating to others
The trouble with problem people
Dealing with difficult people is a special skill — and an increasingly necessary one. Classic offenders have graced our lives since time immemorial, but there’s evidence that some types of troublemaker are on the rise.
Poverty looms if pensions are trimmed
After six years of recession, Greece is offering nearly 8 billion euros ($9 billion) worth of new savings.
The Greek tragedy
The answer to those questions could start coming soon, when Eurozone finance ministers and, heads of government and bank chiefs hold an emergency summit on Greece’s debt crisis.
Dewa’s schemes in line with the Dubai Smart Initiative
According to Dewa’s statistics, the adoption of its smart services by customers helped avoid the emission of 13,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2014 alone — the equivalent of planting 66,055 trees in 124.6 football fields.
How Dubai got smarter
Dubai’s Smart City initiative aims to alter the way we look at our work and private lives.
Roof wasn’t a lone wolf
It was racism rather than lax gun controls that led to the church shootout.
Cold War 2.0 is in the making
Europe is heading towards a 1980s standoff, in which all capitals faced less than 8 minutes' warning.
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