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Chandra Bahadur Dangi: Small-sized wonder
Chandra Bahadur Dangi is the world’s shortest man but there is nothing small-sized about the way he is living his life at present.
Forgot your password? No problem for Yahoo e-mail users
The tech giant announced at the 2015 South by Southwest festival (SXSW) that “on-demand” passwords are now available for Yahoo e-mail users.
Tesla promises solution to ‘range anxiety’
Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk says his company has a solution for owners of the Model S, Tesla’s most popular electric car.
Freida Pinto: Girl Rising
After her brilliant debut in Slumdog Millionaire, Hollywood actor Frieda Pinto has not really made a mark with her choice of films. But the 30-something actor has been systematically developing her interest in other issues such as the development of the girl child. Last week she wrote a hard-hitting blog on the infamous Nirbhaya gang rape in India and talked about how we can tackle the issue of atrocities against women
A new beginning for Anushka Sharma
It was only a few months ago that Bollywood star Anushka Sharma was facing flak from all and sundry for a goofed up lip contouring job that made her the butt of endless jokes on social media.
She knows how to find the man she wants
Is marriage the ultimate goal, the destination of every girl who is born? Should she be a product that is to be put up in the marriage market for potential grooms to look over and decide if she is worth it? Absolutely not! Ask Indhuja Pillai, a spunky 24-year-old Indian who recently decided enough was enough and she would decide who, if and when, she would marry
More than a rich man’s hobby
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen may have discovered Musashi, a World War II battleship. His work marks the latest in efforts by wealthy patrons to support undersea exploration
A dream doghouse for tech-savvy pooches!
The futuristic structure was inspired by the growing trend to merge technology and pet-care.
Should automakers be worried about the Apple car?
Two of the world’s tech giants are branching into automobiles, and the car industry is taking note.
Some dreams do come true
That she got to become an actor is in itself astonishing considering the premium the industry places on thin, ramp-model like looks in their leading ladies.
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