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Life is a laugh for Kapil Sharma
He has India’s mightiest celebrities eating out of his hand or lobbying for an appearance on his show. And, he has the rare privilege of making fun of them and putting them in their place.
Hey Russell… The robotic giraffe at the White House
Entrepreneurs and and inventors from all over the US had huddled on June 18, 2014 for the first ever White House Maker Faire where exhibitors used technology to demonstrate their creative side with innovative ideas and products.
Harrison Ford hurt in action in Star Wars filming
Here’s some news from another superstar. Harrison Ford’s role as Han Solo, the smuggler who piloted the fictional spacecraft The Millennium Falcon, got him superstar status.
Fog computing: The new frontier
The past few years have seen a growing dependence and paradigm shift towards the Cloud with large and medium enterprises quickly jumping onto the bandwagon in order to leverage sharing of resources and services, attain convergence of infrastructure thereby leading to optimisation of costs.
Text a ‘smell’ message with oPhone
Imagine being able to send birthday wishes to your loved ones by text and being able to back it up with scent or roses or say cake or your favourite bubblie.
Meghan Tonjes and why size matters
The folks at Instagram recently walked into an elephant-sized controversy when they removed a ‘belfie’ of this overweight 29-year-old, who has been recording her weight loss journey on the site. They did not know that the musician and blogger, who used her determination to kick off oodles of extra pounds from her 320 pound body, would use that very same determination to pick holes in their reason for taking down her post. And put them in their place resolutely and very publicly.
Don’t mess with Preity Zinta!
This could make for the perfect Bollywood potboiler. It has a bit of everything, love, money, a breakup and family drama.
Capturing the light in the dark
A photographic series on the suicides of Indian farmers isn’t the usual preserve of your garden variety photographer — but award-winning British-Egyptian photographer Laura El-Tantawy isn’t run of the mill, as AMANDA FISHER finds out.
NEX Band: Bracelet with a difference
The Canada based Mighty Cast has devised a new wearable device which can host multiple components or Mods that can be simply plugged in to add new functionalities and features.
Eggs go vegan and green
Technology does not always have to be the preoccupation of ‘techies’ alone but can be interesting and interactive for any of us. Every week, Techtroniks will talk about new developments, tech czars and tech users, their favourite gadgets. Plus reviews and simply fun facts to know.
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