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Some dreams do come true
That she got to become an actor is in itself astonishing considering the premium the industry places on thin, ramp-model like looks in their leading ladies.
Foul language are just words. Famine is a crime: Geldof
Rock and pop no longer hold the central cultural pillar in today’s society. That has been replaced by social media, says the ‘Man of Peace’
50,000 songs in the cloud for free!
Why is Google letting you store them in the first place?
The curious case of missing RaGa
Rahul Gandhi’s mysterious disappearance from the political radar, bang in the middle of the crucial budget session in India was the perfect opportunity for his party’s political rivals to bring their knives out for him and the beleaguered Gandhi family.
A bear hug for the invalid
A bear hug might just be what the good doctors ordered for the old, the invalid and the neglected.
Let my child play, says LeBron James
LeBron James , possibly the best basketball player in the world, is now finding it hard to protect his 10-year-old son from greedy colleges who are going all out to recruit him to play for them in the future.
The Six appeal of Samsung's next Galaxy
T-Mobile teases next generation Samsung Galaxy S6 phone
Barbie gets a digital makeover
Hello Barbie is here.Goodbye to imaginary conversations
How Google made the ‘YouTube Kids’ app child appropriate
YouTube will shortly introduce YouTube Kids, a child-friendly Android mobile app and set of original content including episodes of “Sesame Street” and “Thomas the Tank Engine.”
Suit yourself: There is more to Modi than his name
With one master stroke Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has silenced his critics and given himself a shot in the arm by auctioning off the controversial suit that had his name woven into it on expensive fabric and has raised significant funds from it for his ‘Save the Ganga Mission’. Clearly, there is more to Modi than his name
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