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Priyanka Chopra: Biting the bullet
She came into Bollywood a rank stranger, an army doctor’s daughter from Northern India, with no exposure to Bollywood. But Priyanka Chopra is now on her way to attaining diva-like status in the pecking order of the industry’s leading ladies
Opera with A.R. Rahman
The 24-year-old Natalie recently wrapped up singing her first opera, ‘Aila’, in Tamil recently, working with Rahman who is also experimenting with Opera for the first time.
Jumbo retreat for Tamil Nadu’s elephants
Elephants in Tamil Nadu head off to a month-long retreat and pampered with good food, play and health check ups
Android Lollipop 5.0 — the sweet new take?
Technology does not always have to be the preoccupation of ‘techies’ alone but can be interesting and interactive for any of us. Every week, Techtroniks will talk about new developments, tech czars and tech users, their favourite gadgets. Plus reviews and simply fun facts to know.
Eco-friendly open-source dental toolkit
Goodwell toothbrushes, equipped with a medical grade aluminum handle have bristles made from Binchotan which is a biodegradable fiber that can repel negative ions, remove plaque and bad breath.
Tony Abbott: Foot in the mouth
Tony Abbot is not the most popular man in Australia just now. Certainly not with the ladies. A series of gaffes and insensitive remarks about women have left the ladies in the country fuming and sent the Australian prime minister’s popularity ratings plummeting. We are sure no sensible man in the country would willingly step into the man’s shoes just now
Get me some coffee
It is a telling story of the racial situation in the USA that Obama continued to face the same racist streak even after he became the President of the country, the first Black person to become one.
Writing is my pursuit of the creative muse: Ashwin Sanghi
“Writing is my pursuit of the creative muse. Nothing gives me more pleasure than that. No amount of money can ever compare to the pleasure of sitting quietly and contemplating a new story,” says India’s bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi in a freewheeling interview with RITESH DUBEY
Satish Arora: A chef extraordinaire
If it was greed for good food that first drew him into the kitchen, it was passion and patience that made Satish Arora a celebrated chef as he cooked for royals and princes, presidents and prime ministers and 48 years into his career, still believes that there is something new he can learn every day
The Mahira Khan magic
Almost every female actor who has been serenaded by Shah Rukh Khan has made it to the top of the pile in the Hindi film industry. With Pakistani actor Mahira Khan billed to play the female lead in a new film with the Bollywood Badshah, everyone is betting that the gorgeous young woman now has a great future cut out for herself in the world’s largest film industry
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