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Misconception of growth
Growth? Rising market prices, stable GDP, elimination of inflation, industrialisation, expansion of educational facilities and much more to add on.
Zohra Sehgal: End of an era
The demise of veteran actor Zohra Sehgal, the old lady of Indian cinema, is an irreparable loss to the entertainment industry.
Price debate and Rahulís sleep
I donít understand all this hype and frenzy the media has created about Rahul Gandhi being caught napping in parliament.
The better world
Passport holders of one of the Scandinavian countries are eligible to travel to more than 100 countries without a prior visa.
Gaza operation
Israel is more exposed. Thanks to social media. Usually unjustifiable Israeli aggression is no more embarrassing for the international community.
Indiaís rail budget
Narendra Modiís Rail Budget 2014 is not just a bitter pill. Itís a strong antibiotic that the Indian passengers have to swallow to get rid of the infection that the Indian Railways has been suffering over the last 10 years on account of corruptions, scams, malpractices and large scale looting during the UPA regime.
Iraq destruction: The Westís disaster
The Westís worst moral and political disaster since the Nazis is coming to a climax. And just as many politicians and institutions paid for the failure to stop Hitler, so many will pay dearly for allowing the Middle East to self-destruct.
Abide by traffic laws
We all can keep debating about traffic issues for many years but when many of us give a deaf ear. So whatís the use of all this awareness campaign?
Humiliating exit of Brazil
The shell-shocking defeat of Brazil by Germany by 7 to 1 goals is very mortifying. One of the most reputed, football loving nations, put in a miserable performance breaking the hearts of 200 million Brazilian fans and many more admirers globally.
Brasil without Neymar
A friend from Brasil has written to me expressing his hope that Brasil will continue to excel in the Fifa World Cup despite the absence of Neymar. I would like to share his touching and heart-rending letter:
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