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Baby on board
We come across a vast number of vehicles displaying baby/kid on board stickers.
Ebola concern
This is quite disturbing that apart from British Prime Minister David Cameron, none of the leaders bothered to throw light on the dangers the world faces from Ebola disease.
Salman Khurshid’s jealousy
It is indeed mean and shameful on the part of former external affairs minister of India Salman Khurshid in dismissing the humongous public gatherings that Prime Minister Narendra Modi attracted during his current Myanmar trip, that the prime minister takes people along on his foreign trips to amass crowds and make speeches.
Nehru's legacy debate
Through these columns, I would like to express my views on the article ‘Nehru legacy sparks debate’ (KT, November 14). Jawaharlal Nehru, the architect of modern India, was a determined leader, who upheld the principles of democracy, secularism and peace throughout his life.
Slump in economy
Too much money has spoiled many people and nations. The wealth was not properly utilised for the suffering people of those nations, but in many other unproductive and destructive things.
Letter to the Editor
If the people around the world can be cautious to eat properly through giving certain breaking to the wild passion of taste bud, also to get out of total indolence and the hateful attitude of towards sweating, millions can be healthy and live longer.
Diabetes myths
Then the pancreas and cells can have a rest and get closer to normal. Rice and sugar raise insulin levels. So does pasta. Stick with vegetables, meats and high-fiber fruits and you’ll see good results.
Complex attitude
The ‘inferiority complex’ personality students may get some compassionate support from others, but superiority complex characters are disliked by outsiders.
War and crisis
As the conflicts in Africa and the Middle East continue to rage unabated, we cannot but help reflect on the passing of what has been a violent and destructive year in human history.
Tsunami alerts
The climate change phenomenon has brought to fore the fear psyche in our daily lives.
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