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Leave for cab drivers
The taxi drivers need to be provided with at least a day leave in the week.
Surgery to mortuary
She comes for sterilisation surgery and goes back to crematorium, leaving behind the two or three children as orphans; you come for cataract surgery and go back home blind!
Game in Down Under
To believe that the Australian cricket team will be less aggressive on the field after the tragic death of cricketer Phil Hughes is a fallacy, and our cricketers should be ready for some chin music Down Under.
Recreation village
Global village in Dubai is a magnificent maverick landmark for the residents to experience the cross-cultural ethnicity all over the world.
London meet
The meeting held in London was not the first of its kind. Similar mini-summit were held previously as well, and the resolution of the leaders was same.
Cell phone addiction
While cell phones may seem amiable, one should keep in mind that they also have a lot of adverse aftermaths.
Celebrations in Dubai
The malls have erected colossal white/green Xmas trees all illuminated and decorated with effervescent colours, attracting visitors to pose in front of the trees for a spectacular photograph.
Botched surgeries
Hygiene indeed is a grave issue in civic and government run hospitals and camps.
Ebola victims
The developed states that fear the epidemic from reaching their shores should do more than just expressing concerns in meetings and drawing rooms.
Healthy society
Scores of people in our society have become prisoners of the mind, living in panic and fear even as they suffer in silence.
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