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Stop the gamblers
According to a news item, two Bangladeshis were arrested for using playing cards and organising a public gambling in the Naif area.
Terror in Paris
Should freedom of expression have a limit — self-imposed or otherwise?
Uncalled for
While the gunning down of journalists belonging to the French satirical weekly Charlie Hepdo is unforgivable, the present behaviour of the magazine who have come out with more provocative cartoons is abhorable.
Viral all over
It is a scientific fact that the planet is witnessing erratic and turbulent extreme weather patterns.
Introspection required
The television and print media has provided blanket and non-stop coverage of the despicable terrorist attacks in France.
Travesty of justice
The Western world came to a standstill in memory of 12 people massacred in Paris.
Condemn terror
The Paris incident was shocking, but in countries like Syria, Nigeria and Libya such incidents have become part of everyday life.
Of somersaults
Why do we not try to walk in the footsteps of winners if we want to become winners?
Chances of success
There is need to challenge convention and conservative mindset, of easy employment, stability and security to move ahead from the threshold of stereotype social norms.
A man of the year
Every film that Raju Hirani directed has received a ‘Thumbs Up’ sign from the masses as well as mandarins.
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