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Callous husband who abandoned family
This is in response to the person concerned who abandoned his wife and a child at the airport (KT, October 8).
Political show in Pakistan
Imran Khan finally realised that the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is not going to give up so easily and also noticed that other powerful political parties are supporting negotiations and not agitation.
Fighting terrorism
All the nations must come together, burying their petty differences.
Rush on metro trains
This is in response to letters in these columns on way in which people rush inside the Metro and thus behave in a way that reflects either their ignorance to civil culture or their ruthlessness.
Women-only seats in Dubai Metro
I agree with the contents of the letter in these columns that talked about people taking seats reserved for women. It seems to be a usual practice.
Despicable way of ISIS
This is in response to the news story (KT, October 7), ‘Dozens of ISIS militants die in suicide attack’. Reading the report has left a creepy feeling because we have been inept in finding viable, no-war based solutions to the brutality of extremist violence and now it seems suicide bombing is being endorsed and lauded as a tactic that can become a part of the counter-attack strategy.
Movie stars and characters
This is in response to the letter, ‘Movie critics’ (KT October 7) regarding the review of the film ‘Bang Bang’ in which the reader (whose name interestingly was ‘withheld on request’) points out that the reviewer didn’t mention the fact that Hrithik Roshan had undergone a major brain surgery during the shoot of the film.
Movie critics
We all know, all sorts of movies whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood require a lot of effort, hard work, money, passion etc.
Birthday controversy!
Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan was born on 5th October according to PTI Official Facebook page.
Peace and harmony
The Eid season reminds us our responsibility towards achievement of peace and unity of mankind.
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