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Why Aung San Suu Kyi is silent?
Nothing surprising about degree scam
The scandal brought to light by an American journalist about Axact, an enterprise that was selling fake degrees worldwide for huge amounts of money, again shows Pakistan in poor light internationally.
Yemen’s woes continue
The people of Yemen suffer as air raids continue because both sides are unwilling to pull back from their stated positions.
Don’t spare Salman
A man who, in a drunken state, drove over and killed another human being, now wants to travel to perform at a concert abroad.
Why has the world abandoned Syria?
Why has the world abandoned Syria? The country is in ruins and terrorists are running riot.
R.I.P. Aruna
The perpetrator will eventually face the justice he deserves.
Stop terror in its tracks
The post is about those lunatics who kill innocent people.
Modest clothes
If France can ban the niqab, then UAE has the right to expect a decent dress code.
No jobs for freshers
It depends. I’m 21 and I have three years working experience in UAE.
Wait for completion of investigation
It’s an unsubstantiated allegation from Axact’s media rivals that include leading television houses with links to the New York Times.
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