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Global warming: A hot debate
Predictions based on predictions based on purposely altered data.
Mess in Syria
The ongoing conflict in Syria has forced several thousands of Syrian residents to pour out of the country and spread across various parts of the region.
Earth Hour: A positive move
On March 29, from 8.30-9.30 pm, Earth Hour was observed worldwide. Earth Hour is a global movement to protect our Mother Earth. It has a strong motive, to encourage people to switch off their lights for an hour in order to contribute their bit to the environment.
Restriction on bikers at night
I reside in Karama opposite the Dubai Central Laboratory Deptartment. As my flat is facing the road and so is my bedroom, I am facing the problem of noisy vehicles at night.
Wrong indictment of Musharraf
It is, indeed, a sad day in the history of Pakistan that a flawed indictment has emerged out of a nexus between the judiciary and the ruling party, the PML-N.
Combating crime in Pakistan
How do you feel when you are walking down a deserted alley carrying your salary after a month’s hard work and suddenly someone comes and snatches it away from you?
Children: All watch & no play
A so-called affluent lifestyle has undermining reverberations if we don’t check our children’s slothful habit of spending hours in front of the TV and computer while eating high-calorie junk food.
Problem parents, not kids
Most parents don’t know the art of bringing up a child. They think by shouting at their kids they are doing a very good thing but that’s their weakness.
Case against Musharraf is childish
There are no grounds for a treason case (Musharraf indicted for treason, April 1). I’m not an ardent supporter of Gen Pervez Musharraf but this smacks of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif trying to get back at Musharraf, and it is childish.
Israel-Palestine talks
It has been obvious that the Israeli-Palestinian talks would produce results only if the international community, especially the United States, Israel’s biggest donor, aider and abettor, put some pressure on Israeli leaders.
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