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The US must act
The US is half-hearted in its approach to the Middle East's problems. They are turning back and walking away as your edit said on Tuesday.
Fifa’s greedy deeds
The scandal engulfing football like a fiery inferno must lie at the doorsteps of Fifa and its corrupt hierarchy that administers it.
Impact of light
Negative feelings can rope you anytime, making your feel worried, pessimist, depressed and totally exhausted.
Games and money
Fifa is the most corrupt sports institution in the world. It deals with more countries than the United Nations and these states often are more responsive to Fifa's policy changes than the world body.
Visa extension beyond six months
It is a fact that no expatriate government or private employee will be out of the UAE for more than six months on account of his job engagements.
Mers mutation?
Mers has moved to South Korea and has caused a health crisis in the country.
Poignant feature
When the word spread about Sohanlal Valmiki, the perpetrator who sexually assaulted Aruna Shanbaug that left her in a vegetative state for 42 years, the first thing that came to mind was -- 'if law cannot punish him, the Almighty certainly will'.
Mockery of justice
The Indian judiciary is back in the limelight after the verdict on movie star Salman Khan and the recent acquittal of politician Jayalalitha, chief minister of Indian state Tamil Nadu.
Japan clarifies on 'The Sins of the Soldiers'
With regards to the article titled 'The Sins of the Soldiers' published in Khaleej Times on May 30, 2015, The Consulate General of Japan in Dubai would like to clarify two points:
Preserving relationship
The one thing that shatters relationships is over-expectations. When we stop expecting people to be perfect, you will like them for who they are.
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