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I have the ‘Pawar’ to retain my seat: Sule
Union minister Sharad Pawar’s daughter says she has performed above average.
New wall being built at Musharraf’s farmhouse
A 12-foot security wall is being constructed outside former military ruler Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s Chak Shahzad farmhouse in Islamabad to ensure his safety.
Imran wonders why Pak PM only takes brother Shahbaz on foreign tours
Accusing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of practicing kind of monarchy, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has wondered as to why he only takes brother Shahbaz Sharif along with him on foreign trips.
British journalist Patrick Seale dies at 84
Seale is best known for his authoritative biography of the late Syrian President Hafez Assad, “Assad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East.”
Turkey accuses Twitter of “tax evasion”, calls for local office
Turkey urged executives from Twitter to open an office and start paying Turkish tax on Monday in the first direct talks since a two-week ban imposed on the site as the government battled a corruption scandal.
Pakistani held for cannibalism after eating baby
Arif and his brother Farman Ali were arrested for eating human corpses in the same village in April 2011 and served two years in prison, in a case that shocked Pakistan.
Search for missing MH370 to go underwater
It has been 38 days since the jet went missing on March 8 and the blackbox batteries which have a shelf life of only 30 days, might have died down already.
Oscar Pistorius breaks down on stand in murder trial
The athlete could not explain why the model and law graduate had undigested food in her stomach up to eight hours after the couple ate under his version of events.
527 DNA tests planned over French high school rape
The operation, a first for a French school, has raised concerns over rights violations after prosecutors said anyone refusing to submit a sample would be considered a potential suspect.
Nigeria bus station bombing kills 71 on edge of capital
There had been no attacks near the capital since suicide car bombers targeted the offices of Nigerian newspaper This Day in Abuja.
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