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Sarajevo’s shoe shining legend lives on
Husein Hasani — better known as “Uncle Misho” — died one year ago at age 83, bequeathing his shoe-shining box to his son.
Walking the change
The Walk of Hope — to be undertaken from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in India — is a journey that aims for the common goals of peace and harmony
Bhutan's far-flung flicks
Mountains and makeshift cinemas — Bhutan’s battle to make movies
We need to talk about obesity
Lionel Shriver’s latest novel Big Brother follows her noir style of tackling tough topics through raw prose
Road vigilantes on two wheels
Equipped with Klaxon horns and a “selfie cam” comprising torches and no less than eight cameras, Dediare is a one-man sound and light show, as likely to amuse as to intimidate.
New life for Cuba’s classic cars?
While the half century-old embargo on most US exports has turned Cubans into some of the most inventive mechanics in the world, the new reforms by US President Obama will, hopefully, open far more possibilities for their precious rides
Book Review: Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn’s best-selling explosive novel Gone Girl is as masterful and chilling as its recent screen rendition
A miraculous reunion after the tsunami
Ten years after the devastating tsunami, one Indonesian family recounts their tale of being reunited against all odds
Professors employ TV's Simpsons
Professors employ TV’s Simpsons, channelling The Simpsons might as a cultural marker
‘Selfies’ for a weighty issue
In bed asleep, eating, or even displaying her scars after weight loss surgery, photographer Jen Davis has always been as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it.
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