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Mind-controlled robo-suits coming soon
A Japanese robot-maker on Wednesday showed off suits that the wearer can control just by thinking, as it said it was linking up with an industrial city promoting innovation.
Did fist fights drive evolution of human face?
Talk about a knuckle sandwich
Dangerous shots
Photojournalist Martin Jay picks the memorable moments of his career in the world’s war zones, a throwback to a dying era of journalism, in Girls, Guns & Gonzo
Renowned portraitist sells art on Amazon
Now 24 of his portraits are available for purchase on Amazon. Twenty-two have never been offered for sale.
California plant lovers get chance to see once-in-a-century bloom
Visitors to a California university garden now have the chance to see a large, exotic plant showing off its once-in-a-century blossoming, garden officials said.
Chaucer's tales still lure visitors to Canterbury
Nearly 1,000 years after the infamous murder of Thomas Becket, visitors still flock to England’s famed cathedral
Will that be a six-bedroom suite or just the couch?
As the gap between the wealthiest travellers and everyone else has widened, so has how they vacation
Want to get ahead? Get more sleep
Arianna Huffington, founder of the online Huffington Post, feels that we’re living sleep-deprived lives in pursuit of money and power, and explains why we need more shut eye
Toshio Hiratsuka: Japan's 89-year-old newshound
Reporter, editor, publisher, and spry — almost 90 years old, Japan’s oldest newshound is still going strong
Free things to see in Budapest
This beautiful European city has a lot of fun stuff on offer that doesn’t cost a penny
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