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Next pit stop for virtual reality?
Technology does not always 
have to be the preoccupation 
of ‘techies’ alone but can be 
interesting and interactive for 
any of us. Every week, 
Techtroniks will talk 
about new developments, 
tech czars and tech users, 
their favourite gadgets. 
Plus reviews and simply 
fun facts to know.
Pushbullet: Simple utility with great value
I imagine this: You are preparing for some urgent meeting on your desktop computer and the mobile phone keeps beeping and blinking repeatedly with notifications soliciting and beckoning you to pick up the phone to check the same.
Dilip Rahulan: ‘Our vision stands validated’
“Everything that we can see and use will be connected by the second half of this century,” says Dilip Rahulan, executive chairman of Pacific Controls, in an interview. “Such a network will help create an environment that will facilitate easy, quick and a dynamic decision making process.” Excerpts:
Maid in India: Ensuring rallies are well attended
Home makers in major Indian cities — and especially in India’s financial capital, Mumbai, — are not very happy with politicians just now.
Mind-mapping research is simply mind blowing!
Mind-mapping research helps reconstruct faces from the subjects’ mind
New ‘Paper’ iPhone app from Facebook
Recently Facebook released its new iPhone app christened Paper which is designed smartly enough to entice users to spend more on the social networking site on smartphones.
Nagesh Kukunoor: The Risk Taker
He’s is not the average Bollywood filmmaker 
and does not make the kind of movies that makes 
hundreds of crores of rupees. Instead, Nagesh Kukunoor’s 
movies have a music of their own and audiences flock to the theatres to cheer him on and live a slice of life, the way he sees it.
A spicy green chilly for Rakhi Sawant
Half a dozen actors, an Olympian, a football player, a magician, a cricketer, a few journalists and a former chief of army of the country.
It's okay Dubai, I forgive you
I have seen Dubai in her prime, suitably arrogant and appropriately humble. I have taken personal pride and gloated about her success to friends and relatives.
Tweet for tat for Prime Minister Recep Erdogan
Will Sunday’s election prove a Turkish delight for 
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan or will it teach him a lesson for 
flying off the Twitter handle? Sudeshna Sarkar considers the case
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