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Gesture recognition: When the muscles talk
Hollywood science fiction blockbusters Minority Report, Blade Runner and The Matrix at one time seemed too futuristic when they depicted the cast performing remote complex actions by just a swipe of the hand or fingers in thin air.
Lego livin’ in full-scale!
Most of us have, in our childhood have been fascinated with little toy cars, toy houses, mini battle tanks, mini airplanes, little bikes and all other kinds of miniatures.
Tao Porchon-Lynch: Yoga At 95!
Tao Porchon-Lynch, 95, is still going strong in her 90s and has been practising yoga for over 72 years while growing up in India. She has been teaching students in India, France and the US for more than 45 years. She believes one is never too old to dance and participates in ballroom dancing in her free time, an activity she didn’t take up until she was 87. Meet the world’s oldest dancer.
Poor little rich Prince William
Britain’s second in line to the throne, Prince Wiliam, finds himself in a bit of a soup what with the rich-man’s temple of learning, the University of Cambridge, offering him a generous discount on their very hefty tuition fee.
Francois Hollande: For whom 
the belles toll
An alleged affair would blot a politician’s career 
in the UK or US. 
But in France c’est la vie, SUDESHNA SARKAR discovers
pills with Motorola!
Believe it or not, Motorola has come with an edible password pill that’s driven and powered by stomach acids acting as electrolytes and the chip in the pill emits a signal which can uniquely identify personal devices! What's next!
When in trouble, press the SOS button…
To tackle the atrocities against women which are rising day by day, there are many programs being undertaken which include making women aware of their rights, providing training on finer nuances of dressing, behavioral aspects and even training in self-defense.
The story behind Long Walk To Freedom
Though there were Hollywood studios pursuing him for the film rights, it was to Anant Singh that Nelson Mandela turned to.
Why did Madiba trust Anant Singh with his life?
NY Mayor Bill de Blasio: Eating his pizza and regretting 
it too
New York mayor De Blasio has got himself into a culinary mess and it will be interesting to watch how ‘Forkgate’ pans out
gluttony with an edible gel
For the gluttonous amongst us, here is some good news: a gel that will thicken the food that we consume and keeps us feeling full so that there is no temptation to reach out for yet another fattening snack or drink.
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