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Discreet murders
There was a conspiracy to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro with untraceable poisons. In this case, the poison was Botulin Toxin.
Overcrowded rooms
As per law, maximum limit for occupants is three people to a studio, five in a one-bed and seven in a two-bed apartment.
Male camaraderie
Male identity is changing. They show warmth, care and vulnerability, without losing their maleness.
Remembering Laxman
It is painful that Indian government did not recognise this man of extra-ordinary calibre.
Crisis in Yemen
The dismemberment of Iraq and Syria and its people continues unabated.
The power of patience
Patience is persistence, acceptance (of the ongoing situation) and peacefulness of mind.
Rahul Gandhi’s undue criticism
This refers to the news item Rahul Gandhi attacks Narendra Modi over costly suits.
Pakistan bombing: Is humanity dying?
Sixty people killed in a Pakistan mosque during Friday prayers (KT Jan 31). Felt something? No. Today’s world has become brutal, insensitive and selfish.
Politics of opportunism
This refers to the news item ‘Blow to India’s Congress as senior leader quits party’ (KT January 31).
Obama’s deal
The article, ‘Obama leads the world to India’ (KT, January 27) makes an interesting reading.
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