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Scotland module
The Scots have shown how democracy should function and how disputes be solved under a democratic system.
Dress code
Time and again one comes across views and attitudes of many regarding the appropriate dress code for women.
Seek forgiveness
As we witness crimes across the globe, let us seek forgiveness from one another.
Toll free numbers
In Pakistan there is no concept of toll free calls by government institutions, banks and other companies. Most of the banks have UAN (111) number which charges per minute.
The leaders of Iraq and Syria are living in political denial, as their countries slide into anarchy.
Exemplary gesture
This is in response to the letter, ‘Commitment to the society’ (KT, October 2) .
Bus routes
This is in response to the letter ‘More bus routes’ (KT, October 3).
Greeting Narendra Modi
US President Barack Obama’s gesture to greet his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi with the Gujarati words “Kem Cho” (how are you) is appreciated.
Apprehension politics
In a recent speech, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to shift the spotlight away from the ISIS militant group and back to Iran, alarming the United Nations that a nuclear-armed Tehran would pose a far greater threat than extremists.
More bus routes
I live in Sharjah and commute to office and back home through the government bus service.
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