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Move to combat beach harassment
It is a welcome move by Dubai Police to deploy plainclothes policemen on the beaches to curb the misdemeanour of unruly men. (KT, August 4).
The spread of Ebola virus
Only limited access to cities is all Ebola needs to spread.
Ebola outbreak in Africa
Recent outbreaks of the Ebola virus in Africa are a graphic reminder of how vulnerable mankind is to infectious diseases. Through the centuries, man’s greatest threat often has not been natural disasters or warfare, but the microscopic creatures with which we share the earth.
DED's active response on consumer rights
The Dubai Economic Department is the most active government department I have ever seen in terms of preserving the consumer rights.
Fighting in Gaza
Are people aware of what’s going on in Gaza? Israel started this entire war because it claimed that Hamas had kidnapped and killed three Israeli teenagers. After it waged war on Gaza, Israel confessed that Hamas did not kidnap the three.
Recruiting security guards
The private security sector enjoys a particular level of maturity in terms of training, professionalism, services provided and meeting the required demand of professionals in the Western countries.
Human cloning and ethical implications
The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom, said Isaac Asimov. Certain discoveries in science yet remain a question rather being an answer to the society. Promulgating ethical implications, cloning has led to many controversies and debates.
Climbing K2 and Annapurna
K2 is not statistically the world’s most dangerous mountain. That honour falls on Annapurna, which has a fatality rate of around 40 per cent, compared to the 25 per cent on K2.
Widening conflict in Gaza
The brutal conflict in Gaza continues unabated. Across the planet, wars are raging across both hemispheres. It was Edward Gibbon who once said “As long as mankind shall continue to bestow more liberal applause on their destroyers than on their benefactors, the thirst of military glory will ever be the vice of the most exalted characters.”
Khaleej Times a wonderful paper
At the outset accept my compliments for wonderful newspaper, Khaleej Times.
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