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Sanctions on Russia
I smell desperation...but it is not emanating from Russia whose debt burden is small, whose energy and resources are vast and whose economic position is not based on over-priced paper and fake stock market valuations.
Israel’s coercion acts
According to media news, Israel has arrested more than 400 Palestinians after disappearance of three Israeli teenagers.
Rent should be based on amenities
Rent should not be based on location. Instead, it should be based on facilities/amenities provided. Houses should be divided into categories and the rent/pricing should be defined, accordingly. There should be various categories of houses like A, B, C and rent should be well defined.
Foot over-bridges needed in Capital
We need a pedestrian bridge in Abu Dhabi near Mussafah driving school. It is a nightmare to cross the road. Often one needs to take a taxi to get to the other side. There is no pedestrian crossing and people can be 
seen jaywalking.
Metro: Convenient and time saving
This is in response to the article ‘Changing Tracks’ (KT, June 27). To know that we live in such an amazing country truly makes us happy. There is, indeed, a lot to brag about if you are living in the UAE and one of the attributes is indubitably, the Metro.
The role models
Apropos the column, ‘Of mentors and milestones’ (KT, June 27). The adage ‘Self help is the best help’, holds truth though, to surge ahead and carve a niche in today’s fiercely competitive world single-handedly is very difficult. A mentor can give you an edge that differentiates you from others.
Too much of selfies
We all take selfies. Some take it every single day. The new generation seems to be especially involved in the trend of selfies. Some selfies are extremely close ups. There are a lot of selfie styles. Some people take selfies to get relief from boredom whereas some take selfies to get attention from as many as people as possible.
Salman’s hit and run case: Justice denied
Hit and run, the phrase rightly describes the nature of Salman Khan. The message getting from the entire trial, which has been underway since 2002, shows anybody can hit others and easily run away from justice provided the defence counsel is influential and the victim marginalised.
Save the world’s last few Asiatic cheetahs
The Asiatic cheetah is also known as the Iranian cheetah, as the world’s last few are known to survive mostly in Iran.
The blessed month of Ramadan
Another tranquil holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner.
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