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Seating issues in Dubai Metro
Being a regular commuter of the Dubai Metro, I have noticed a lot of Asian women commuters riding in the general cabin (while they are supposed to board the cabin allotted to women and children).
Saving water will go a long way
The initiative to save water and efforts to spread the message of awareness around the world, including the UAE, is highly commendable.
Hanging Gardens an encouraging activity
Report of 'Hanging Gardens' in the Kindergarten is not only very informative and interesting but also very encouraging as this kind of healthy activity being organised in the school for the toddlers in very fruitful.
Pope for Palestine
This is in response to the editorial, 'Pope for Palestine' (KT, May 18).
Wars are a scourge
As we approach the holy month of Ramadan, war the grim reaper continues to claim the lives of innocent people across the Muslim world.
Police should listen before issuing fine
The other day as I was changing lane near the Al Khan Bridge on Al Ittehad Road, I was fined.
Crisis in Yemen getting worse
The war in Yemen now seems to be getting out of control, as the Saudi Arabia brokered ceasefire is not holding.
Neglect of kids is a crime
In a recent news report, the Dubai Police rescued 40 children who were left locked inside cars by their parents at the time of shopping, or when they were meeting someone. Last year, 137 children were rescued in similar cases.
Better parking fee options needed
RTA must consider giving motorists an option to buy parking cards which will be valid in all zones for a nominally higher hourly charge.
Best buddies?
A few decades ago it was next to impossible to even think of camaraderie between parents and their offspring.
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