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Author Haruki Murakami turns agony aunt!
He loves baseball and cats and dislikes any invasion into his privacy but Haruki Murakami is playing agony aunt/pen pal for a brief while on a website that is, interestingly enough, named Murakami-san no tokoro or Murakami’s place
One long dinner date..
The restaurant, currently voted the world’s best, has currently relocated to the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo where it is offering lunch and dinner till February 14.
Online harassment targets strike back against abusers
People suffering online abuse now have a lifeline.
Could Earth’s slowing rotation break the Internet?
Remember June 31, 2012? That was the night the leap second bug struck and a slew of major websites — including Reddit, Gawker, and Yelp — experienced outages. What can be done to solve the leap second conundrum?
A self-destructing smart phone!
BlackBerry and Boeing team up to develop a super-secure Android-based smart phone for workers in the defence and security fields
Gogoro unveils smart scooter
The Smartscooter links up with a rider’s smart phone via Bluetooth, allowing him or her to program the vehicle’s settings, download sound effects for start up and shut down, and even set light patterns for the LED headlights and taillights.
Doggone it!
How we react to issues or deal with it reveals a lot about who we are. This week we show you how two very high-profile women whose every moment is watched by the public dealt with a very simple issue: that of pet dogs. We leave it to you to decide who comes up the winner here….
Electrifying kick against assaulters
A chip embedded in the heel of the sandal is the key to this innovative new device which could possibly help people in distress.
Farah Khan: New Boss at Bigg Boss
Farah Khan is no stranger to the world of challenges and glass ceilings. The popular Bollywood director broke the industry glass ceiling when she turned director a few years ago, cocking her snook at naysayers in the male-dominated business. Last week she took another calculated risk when she took over as the new boss of Indian television’s reviled but popular reality show, Bigg Boss
New beginnings for the homeless
Aadima translate into new beginnings and that is exactly what Rema, a handicapped middle-aged lady from Payyoli town in Kerala’s Malabar region is looking forward to.
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