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Africa’s biggest wind farm to come up in Kenya
NAIROBI — The construction of what is to become Africa’s biggest wind farm will start by June in an arid region of northern Kenya, the project’s officials said Saturday.
Samsung: “Fast executioner” seeks killer design
SEOUL - When Samsung Electronics rushed its first smartphone to market in a panicky response to the smash-hit debut of the Apple iPhone, some customers burned the product on the streets or hammered it to bits in public displays of disaffection.
Life and death on India’s slow train to prosperity
KANPUR - As the Kalka Mail train pulls into Delhi railway station at dawn, it is every man, woman and child for themselves.
News outlets losing ground to tech rivals
WASHINGTON — Mobile devices and social networks are boosting news consumption but media outlets are lagging behind technology companies in reaping the profits, according to a report.
Executives see worsening work-life imbalance
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., - Media executive Oscar Gomez Barbero gave a bleak assessment of his work-life balance.
Invest in children for peace in Somalia
DHOBLEY, Somalia — Adan Abdi worries that the students in his class show too little interest in education. That might be a common complaint among teachers, but Abdi’s concerns go further: His students are interested in playing war.
Former Mr. Universe turns 100 in India
KOLKATA, India — A former Mr. Universe who has just turned 100 said Sunday that happiness and a life without tensions are the key to his longevity.
Leader of ‘Kony’ video group to focus on health
SAN DIEGO — Jason Russell may be the most public face of Invisible Children, the nonprofit group he co-founded to stop African war atrocities. He narrates a 30-minute video on warlord Joseph Kony that went viral on the Internet.
In one day, Obama is $5 million dollar man
ATLANTA, Georgia — US President Barack Obama, juggling dual roles as fundraiser extraordinaire and commander-in-chief, piled up a cool five million dollars in a lucrative single-day campaign blitz.
Iraq’s artists lament decline in cultural life
BAGHDAD - Yasir Abdul-Hakim, a sculpture student at Iraq’s Fine Arts Academy, wanted to learn his craft by making copies of a nude Greek statue. A professor told him to cover them with clothes.
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