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No point in fines

(Vinay, Abu Dhabi) / 9 May 2012

I agree with George’s contention on parking problems in the 
capital (LT/Letters). Cannot understand why Mawafiq initiated 
the campaign without first 
putting in place an infrastructure to meet the demands of, at least, one car per apartment for each building.

Our building of 18 floors has six apartments on each floor, i.e. 108 minimum cars! And there are just 40 parking slots around it. In the area sector that is allotted for resident parking, there are more than 25 such buildings. Where can you park your car even after having bought the Mawafiq permit?

It is ridiculous to justify that Mawafiq solves the parking woes. Reality is it has only gone from bad to worst. It is not fair that despite holding a permit one still has no parking slot available and is fined. The authorities concerned should permit central/side parking wherever possible and construct parking buildings. In the meantime, they should stop fining Mawafiq permit holders if they park in an area sector not allotted until the authorities come up with a solution for the day-by-day worsening problem.

Geetha Menon, Abu Dhabi


The main advantage that the Mawafiq has brought with it is the removal of ‘centre parking’ in the inner streets of TCA and other places. Agreed that it has reduced the number of cars 
that can be parked in a stretch 
of road, but previously with 
centre parking many people faced difficulties due to the angles in which cars were park in the centre of the road — most of the time with two rows of cars in the center.

I do not think allowing centre parking will benefit since it will take things back to the way they were before Mawafiq was introduced. I have to appreciate that Mawafiq, at least, got us rid of centre parking.

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