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Metro facilities

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah / 11 May 2012

Millions of commuters use the Dubai Metro on a daily basis and yet some of us continue to take the rules for granted.

I fail to understand what makes it difficult for Metro users to follow the rules. It is extremely disappointing and sad to witness commuters pushing through to enter or exit the Metro and act in the most uncivilised manner despite all the tireless efforts of the authorities concerned to maintain the required standards at all times.

Recently, I was left in a state of shock to find a man sitting next to a female commuter in the ladies-only compartment of the Metro. What infuriated me the most was that there was not even a single lady in the compartment who raised the alarm about this issue and none of the train attendants were present inside the ladies section at that instance of time.

Everyone noticed them but none spoke about against it. It felt as though all the other women in the compartment were pretty calm about this man riding in the ladies section. And before I could approach them, the couple got down at the next station holding hands and chatting as though it was all acceptable and they were meant to be together while on board the Metro.

Moreover, I have noticed another astonishing habit. Some of the male passengers at the station often enter through the ladies and children’s compartment in the hope of being able to avoid the rush at other entrances of the Metro.

Once on board and inside the ladies–only compartment, these men then push their way through to reach other compartment to avoid being penalised for violating the rules.

I do not find any sense of having a specially allotted compartment for women, when men continue to disregard the rules and stand next to us or even touch us in the process of pushing through to walk in to the adjoining compartments due to fear of being fined. This puts most of the women folk on board in an embarrassing situation and is a breach of their privacy.

I request the authorities concerned to kindly look into this issue at the earliest and impose hefty fines on those commuters who violate the rules while on board the Metro.


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