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Another taboo

Kritika Narayan, Dubai / 13 May 2012

We all have heard about female foeticide. It has become a common but an ignorant topic to debate. Started quite long ago, this horrendous practice is still increasing instead for the contrary to happen!

Especially to our utter surprise, not in the rural backward areas but in urban states like Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh and many more. It was once stated that humans as known to be the so-called most civilised, smart species on earth need to learn a heavy lesson from the not so civilised animals! The cheetah doesn’t stop teaching his female offspring to run just because she is not the male gender, nor the bird refrains from teaching its female child ... then why such narrow minded sexist differences occur only in the human species after being called the most smart and innovative?

In the year 2000, a sting operation was carried out by two journalists regarding the same. They found out that various doctors, IAS officers, rich educated people constitute the larger area of resorting to all such practices. It has become a package deal of minting money to purposely portray the wrong sex of the child and abort the child.

Even female doctors are a part of this practice.

Imagine a female retired vice principal of a school purposely kicking the carrying cot of her grand child down the staircase because she is of a female gender!

Just one question, especially to all the women who do all this! You were a girl once upon a time if your parents would have done the same what would you do?

Women have succeeded more than men in any field, be it science, business, politics or entertainment.

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