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Sanaullah A. Chinjni, by email / 12 July 2012

On July 11, the world marked World Population Day. In 1804, the world population was almost one billion. Today, it’s being projected to hit the seven billion mark.

Is this numerical ‘milestone’ a cause for celebration or concern? In Thomas Malthus’ theory of population, he has highlighted the potential dangers of over population and that’s what we are facing today with climate change, energy waste, food and water shortage and the degradation of our fragile environment,

In some of the poorest countries, women are having more babies posing serious problems to development and perpetuating poverty; in some of the wealthier countries the low fertility rates and a shortage of workers are raising concerns about the sustainability of economic growth and social programmes. According to social scientists, overpopulation is the mother of most of our problems. An overcrowded world spreads poverty and extends ignorance and this is something we cannot afford.

It’s about time a clear strategy is drawn on how to tackle the runaway population growth and the sooner this is done the better.

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