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Dangerous Game: On crossing roads

KT photographer Shihab / 29 April 2012

Crossing roads at undesignated areas is a crime punishable by the UAE traffic law. Pedestrians crossing highways with speeds of over 80 km per hour are fined for their irresponsible behaviour. In fact, pedestrians, who cross roads at undesignated areas and cause accidents which result in injuries or damage to property can be held liable and referred to court.

But, none of these prevents people from taking the easy, yet dangerous route and the stats are shocking … 41 people died after they were run over by vehicles while trying to cross the road at undesignated places in Dubai last year alone. And 2,748 jaywalkers were fined for crossing the road from undesignated areas in the month of March.

Pedestrians on their part feel that Zebra crossings are too far apart that it is not practical to walk such a long distance to cross the road. Designated crossings at least close to every bus stop would go a long in helping bus commuters.

Road dividers are meant to prevent people from crossing on highways, but people do not think twice even if it means risking theirs and others’ lives, as KT photographer Shihab reveals.

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