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Dusty conditions to continue till tomorrow

Aisha Tariq / 24 May 2012

Motorists should exercise extra caution when out on the roads today and tomorrow, the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has warned. Dusty conditions have impaired visibility throughout the UAE. Northwesterly winds have accelerated to over 45kmh inland and 60kmh over the sea, prompting the NCMS to also advise against entering the rough waters.

Visibility, which is generally 10,000m, has deteriorated to 1,000m in Liwa, 2,500m at Abu Dhabi Airport and 3,500m in Dubai. Dust-laden winds produced by the interaction of a low pressure system over Iran and a high pressure system over the Arabian Peninsula have kicked up additional sand upon reaching the UAE, leading to heavy particle suspension in the air. Dusty weather and poor visibility are expected to continue till tomorrow, as are rough conditions at sea.

The high winds have also reduced temperatures around the UAE. The western coast has experienced a 10 degree drop in temperature to 30 degrees centigrade, while temperatures in the interior regions have fallen from the mid-40s to 35-40 degrees centigrade. Cooler temperatures will persist with the windy conditions.



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