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Joy multiplies in the park

25 March 2012

DUBAI - Twenty-four-year-old twins Bassal and Bassam Saadih are identical to the last freckle on their faces.

Known in their circle of friends as the BB twins, they are both architects, they like the same kind of music, wear the same frames and have the same Facebook account. So much so, their mother finds it tough to tell them apart.

The Saadih brothers were participating at X2, the first special event organised for twins, triplets and other multiples in the UAE on Friday. The first day of the two-day event at Safa Park saw a massive turnout.

With over 300 registered participants, X2 aims to become an annual event for multiple children and adults in the UAE, according to French national Nathalie Attar, one of the founding organisers of the event.

A mother of twins herself, Nathalie and her partner Suman Manning feel passionately about creating a community of multiple children here in the UAE. “It was high time that something like this was launched here in the UAE. X2 aims to be a support group for mothers of twins and triplets,” said Attar.

The event is not exclusively for children and is open to teenagers and adults as well.

Twins Sameer and Nabil Siddiqui said that except for their handwriting and their choice in use of mobile phones, they are identical to the last freckle. “People confuse us all the time. Sometimes, it gets annoying but now it’s a lot of fun. It gets tough when we are working on official paper work, because officials end up confusing us,” said Nabil.

Bassam said, “We have issues when we are travelling and we are sometimes advised not to travel together, because officials at the customs department get confused.” In a lighter vein, they joked about being on the lookout for prospective twin brides for themselves.

Damian and Clare, parents of triplets Oliver, Zac and Megan Barker said taking care of the kids is a full-time job and requires a lot of energy. “It’s the hardest job I have ever done,” said Clare.


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