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Court Round-Up

Office assistant accused of hiding phone in toilet to film women
The man admitted during the investigation that he hid the phone to film two women in particular, among others.
Student, who has been a prostitute since he was 12, jailed for 6 months
The student was given the six-month jail term for charges including working as a prostitute, cross-dressing and entering women-only places.
Tourist accused of offering bribe to a police in Dubai
A Canadian youth who was reportedly drunk when he allegedly offered a bribe to a police officer to avoid being taken into custody, was charged in court with bribery.
Minibus driver in fatal crash jailed for seven years
He has been ordered to pay Dh2.6m in blood money to heirs of 13 victims
Two youths on trial over harassing woman on beach
A 19-year-old Afghan faced the molestation charge, while his teenage accomplice was referred to the Juvenile Court.
Man accused of kidnapping, rape bid on girlfriend
The 32-year-old unemployed accused had been in a relationship with the alleged victim, and had met her at the same cafe about two months prior to the incident.
Tourist says traumatised after ‘kidnap and rape’ ordeal
Three men, including policeman and student, charged in Dubai court as the woman says she has become afraid of men in general after the assault.
Chauffeur accused of molesting eight-year-old girl
The accused gave the victim’s sister sweets and his mobile phone to distract her while he allegedly molested the former.
Woman jailed in Dubai for having paid sex
The Court of First Instance sentenced the man to three months in jail on the charge of having illicit sex and ordered that both defendants be deported.
Waiter cleared of raping job aspirant after luring her into apartment
The 33-year-old Nigerian allegedly tricked the Ugandan victim into meeting him for what he reportedly claimed was a job interview but ended up having sex with her against her will.
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