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Device that sanitises viruses in Dubai ambulances
The device, that killsviruses including the coronavirus, will be used by rescue workers, DCAS drivers and emergency paramedics.
No need for travel curbs over Mers, says World Health Organisation
The response came after reports on Wednesday said that a male Filipino nurse who travelled from the UAE to the Philippines has tested positive.
Mers poses no threat to public health, say health officials
They say no information is available on the safety of camelís milk, but person-to-person transmission is not unexpected.
Three fresh cases of Mers reported in the UAE
Individuals tend to clear the virus themselves within 10-14 days, but are kept in isolation in hospital during this time.
DHA provides medical assistance to 645 patients
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has provided medical treatment and equipment worth Dh4,491,849 to 645 patients with financial constraints.
Asthma awareness drive in Jumeirah on April 18
The drive, to be held from 8am to 5pm in Jumeirah Open Beach 1, is being organised in collaboration with leading medical service providers.
Diabetes, hypertension, obesity main causes of kidney diseases
Diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity have long been identified as the main causes of kidney diseases, said Prof Dr Mona Al Rukhaimi, president of Emirates Medical Association Nephrology Society.
Haad says Mers not a public health concern
Health Authority Abu Dhabi asks the public to refer to official and reliable sources for information on the illness.
Mers-Coronavirus claims another victim in UAE
The ministry has taken swift action to prevent the spread of the virus in the hospital and shifted the infected workers to an isolated quarantine.
Both inhaler, a pill may be needed to tackle asthma
Asthma can be passed down to you from your parents through their genes, or you may have no history of asthma in your family.
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