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Unstable weather could continue in UAE
The mild showers, which began overnight, continued into the morning which contributed to bringing down the mercury level.
UAE Weather: Rainy and cooler day predicted
Winds will be fresh to strong at times especially during cloud activity, kicking up dust over open land and reducing the horizontal visibility at times.
UAE weather forecast: Nation braces for more rains
Waterlogged areas cause traffic congestion; RTA says situation under control
Overnight rain leads to flooding, road accidents
According to the NCMS, the rough weather which is expected to be cloudy and dusty will prevail in the country accompanied by an increased cloud cover, rain showers and lightening thunder with hail at times.
Dubai sees short spell of rainfall
Reduced visibility over interiors and open areas will be followed by a significant fall in temperature, a weather department statement said.
Rain, hailstorm predicted for 3 days in UAE
The NCMS has warned of unstable weather conditions in the country, with chances of rain and hailstorms across the country.
UAE may see rainfall, hail over the next three days
Weather conditions in the UAE will deteriorate over the next three days, with the weather bureau predicting rainfall, lightning and hail from Tuesday onwards.
NCMS denies reports UAE will experience thunderstorms, lightning
Social networking sites claimed they quoted the US Navy report that the UAE would be hit by the thunderstorms, lightning and severe rains.
People evacuated from flooded houses in Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah
The rains caused water levels to rise in residential areas causing damage to private and residential properties as well as cars and other properties.
More rains, low visibility forecast for today
Sharjah received even heavier rainfall, with the Sharjah International Airport recording 2.6mm rainfall.
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