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Mers-Coronavirus claims another victim in UAE
The ministry has taken swift action to prevent the spread of the virus in the hospital and shifted the infected workers to an isolated quarantine.
Both inhaler, a pill may be needed to tackle asthma
Asthma can be passed down to you from your parents through their genes, or you may have no history of asthma in your family.
Raising boys right
At a recent ‘Mummy and Me’ gathering, Mina asked the other mothers in the group if they could choose one essential characteristic for their child to acquire, what would it be?
Simple heart test in early screening programme
The test that costs only $1 or Dh3.65 is done through an armband that ‘captures’ the oxygen percentage in a baby’s body indicating the presence or chances of heart disease in the future.
Capital hospital to add 150 beds in three months
Abu Dhabi’s Universal Hospital will add another 150 beds to become a 350-bed facility within three months from now.
Dubai-based clinic offers discount in IVF treatment
Dubai-based IVF clinic Bourn Hall to provide a 20 per cent discount to patients referred by UAE Genetic Diseases Association.
Another Mers case diagnosed in Capital
The man, known to have diabetes and final stage renal failure, currently on dialysis, complained of respiratory symptoms and was admitted and diagnosed with the illness.
RAK doctor puts her finger on rare tumour
A rare benign vascular tumour was removed from the thumb of 50-year-old Indian patient at Ras Al Khaimah Hospital.
Physical Activity Day at MoH
The Health Education and Promotion Department of the Ministry of Health on Sunday celebrated World Physical Activity Day based on the recommendations of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office.
Unborn test-tube baby to save thalassemic sibling
Stem cells saved after the birth of the test-tube baby will be used for a bone marrow transplant to cure the elder child since they are a perfect match.
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