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Baby’s oral tumour removed in unique case in UAE
The infant, just a few days old, was born to an Emirati woman at Al Ain Cromwell Women and Children Hospital on February 22.
Weight in my way
Samia has been trying to lose weight for years.
The myths and facts of gall bladder removal
It is branded as “modern disease” since it attacks people with “modern” lifestyle who ultimately changed their eating habits to modern fatty meals.
Dubai Cares joins a global alliance to help tackle NTDs
Targeting 10 diseases, the partnership has ramped up efforts over the past two years to reach the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s goals to control or eliminate these diseases by the end of the decade.
64-year-old Abu Dhabi resident dies of Mers virus
Authorities in the UAE notified the WHO of the Mers case on March 30 and said the man had underlying medical conditions.
The A-word
Judgmental stares, disdainful looks, sermons, unwanted advice, pity — these are but a few things an autism parent experiences every day. Why? Is it that people are really this insensitive? Or are they completely unaware of the challenges a spectrum kid and his/her family face every day? The answer might just be a yes for both these questions.
New centre for the autistic opens in Dubai
Opened by founder and best-selling author Doris Duan-Young, the centre has been set up to provide early intervention, speech and behavioural therapy, and vocational training for adults and children with autism.
43 insurers get DHA nod for health permits
Health Insurance Permit is mandatory and only those companies with a valid permit are eligible to provide insurance cover as part of Dubai’s Mandatory Health Insurance Scheme.
Camel milk a boon for 
autistic patients
Mother of autistic child advocates the milk after seeing the positive effects.
Young benefit more from health spending in Dubai
DHA releases its first National Health Accounts Report
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