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Pill-popping habit creating mutant monsters
Study says the reason for the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is the over-use of antibiotics, poor hand hygiene in hospitals, and the large population of migrant workers.
Keep a watch on cholesterol levels
Cholesterol is a white, waxy, fat-like protein needed by your body in small amounts. The liver makes all the cholesterol you need.
Brewing Boredom
So sorry, but Ms. Temple will be late for your meeting. Id been waiting for about fifteen minutes when the timid and slightly insecure assistant informed me that her highness was unlikely to show up for another half an hour.
10-year old Filipino boy with rare disease seeks help
He is suffering with congenital heart disorder; needs Dh70,000 for surgery.
Ministry of Health cuts prices of eleven medicines in UAE
The decision to reduce prices was taken after the Minister of Health issued a ministerial decision allowing pricing and registration of 252 products.
Soak up the sunshine and stay healthy in the UAE
15 to 20 minutes of early sunshine is crucial for well-being and for the bones to remain healthy.
Mers: WHO team suspects breach in hospital protocol
The preliminary results of the five-day mission indicated that the cases in the UAE do not show evidence of sustained human-to-human infection.
Tips to increase your metabolism
Metabolism is the energy (calories) that body needs to function, and it operates at a different rate for each person, explains Shugufta Meraj, Clinical Dietitian, Zulekha Hospital, Dubai.
Secrets of 
Self - control
I want it now, shouted the little boy pointing to a superhero figure in the window of a toy store.
Beware of using mobile health apps
Patients today use a number of apps that purport to track and treat a panoply of ailments, a headache for regulators and patient safety advocates.
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