48 hours in Venice for Carnival

Nestled on a gentle lagoon, Venice is a world treasure whose timeless beauty encourages all manner of excess - including the prices at Carnival time.

The Myanmar diaries

Former Burma is now a touristy destination, welcoming foreigners enthusiastically, but go beyond the beaten track Yangon, Mandalay, Inle and Bagan to uncover its true wonder

Water life

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe offers more than the grand spectacle of falling sheets

The fantasy of Old Delhi

With a view of spectacular Jama Masjid RAZIQUEH HUSSAIN takes a walk through the oldest book market in all its higgledy-piggledy chaos

Rajasthan rendezvous

Sights and sounds encompassing stunning palaces, rich culture and unity and diversity

Exploring a lost world

In this day and age of easy travel, satellite mapping and lightning fast communications, its easy to forget the world was a hostile place little more than 100 years ago.

Riding high

Horses, horses, everywhere. But take a glance at her pictures and its not difficult to see why international equestrian photographer Astrid Harrisson is so in love with these majestic creatures. In fact, such is her passion that the 32-year-old has travelled the world extensively in search of the scores of its breeds that walk the earth.

48 hours in Stockholm

Get the most out of two days in Swedens capital

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