A Massage fit for Man-kind
By Riaz Naqvi
Friday, April 27, 2012

Black Diamond Recovery treatment at the Raffles Spa is ideal for the guy who just can’t get a break

Today’s man is a different animal from the past. Therefore it’s natural that we have different wants and needs too. The modern male is not one to shy away from body treatments and even, whisper it, facials. With this in mind, I set out to the Raffles Spa to try and discover if a man can really get the same boost out of a massage as the fairer sex do.

The Raffles Spa has been designed not only with comfort in mind, but serenity too. Zen-like hallways, wooden flooring and a garden provide an uplifting contrast to the busy road just below. Massage rooms are appropriately equipped with mood lighting, and very light music relaxes you as you enter.

The massage therapist is polite and courteous, asking about specific areas you would like worked on. Black Diamond Recovery, a 90-minute treatment priced at Dh699, is exclusively for men. It starts with a recovery massage and ends with an exfoliating facial treatment. Yes, it does include actual diamonds. More on that shortly…

The therapist begins by kneading major muscle groups with firm, yet soothing, pressure strokes. If you haven’t been massaged for a while, however, you’re liable to hear clicks and crunches as knots are steadily grasped, then squeezed and dutifully dispatched by strong hands.

According to the therapist, this treatment combines Western physiological massage with Asian energy stimulation. The sensation is a strange one, particularly to newcomers, as the perception of initial discomfort morphs into throes of relaxation, especially around the upper back and shoulder areas which, as the therapist informs me, tend to be the most stress heated points in most clients — particularly those who tend to spend a lot of time behind a desk.

Muscle areas worked on incalude the neck, arms, upper and lower back, thighs, calves and feet in a 60-minute escapade that works wonders on your circulation, not to mention stress, which is quite literally crushed by a well-practised therapist.

Following the body massage is the Black Diamond Exfoliation treatment. Taking about 30 minutes, the therapist coats your face with a mixture comprised of crushed diamonds, microscopic silver spheres and a facial scrub from French male grooming specialists, Homme. The ultra-fine concoction is firmly massaged into your epidermis, before a black stilt mask is applied. As the mask dries, you are treated to further work on your shoulders, neck and upper chest area, before the therapist scrubs it all away. The feeling is not dissimilar to emerging from a cocoon, as your face seems to radiate. 

Once finished, the therapist advises that you do not shower or wash your face for a few hours. Feeling the way you do afterwards, you’ll be in no rush to do so anyway.

Black Diamond Recovery is a treatment that surely gets this man’s approval: guys, give it a shot. And if you’re a lady — gift vouchers are available on request, so why not spoil him with the ultimate birthday gift at Raffles? - riaznaqvi@




  • What: Black Diamond Recovery

  • Cost: Dh699

  • Where: The Raffles Spa, Wafi City
  • For reservations: 
Call 04-3149870 or e-mail


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