Summer surprises for your skin
Rui Branco
Friday, June 01, 2012

What are you doing right or wrong? hear it from the expert

Summer is one season that takes a lot away from one’s beauty. How do we beat the heat and escape the damage caused by the sun to the skin?

Rui Branco, Head of Education and Training from REN A, reveals a few handy tips to Wknd.

Two points to stress are that we need to keep the hydration levels of the skin up and protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. Due to heat and air conditioning, our skin loses a lot more moisture which can result in our skin to be more oily than normal. I am a firm believer that an SPF should be a separate product. As we all know, the key to an efficient SPF is re-application. I don’t know a single woman or man on the planet who would wash their face every two hours to reapply their daily moisturiser. Remember: sunscreen needs to be applied several times a day, not just once in the morning for it to give you the protection you need. A high factor SPF will not cover you for the whole day and generally will look white and feel tacky on the skin.

What are the dos and don’ts of summer?

The sun is important for the production of Vitamin D. In fact, I strongly believe exposure to just one hour of sunshine will make you a happier person.

These are some tips that I practise myself:

When in the sun, I always use a light, oil-free, daily SPF protection. I drink plenty of water and please, tea and coffee might have water in them, but nothing beats ordinary water to refill the reserves in our body.

I stay out of the sun when sunbathing between 12.30pm and 3pm as this is the time when the most intensive rays are emitted by the sun.

It might not be glamorous, but wear a hat. Your skin will thank you later when you are older. Remember to wear UV protection sunglasses when outside; the sun causes us to strain our eyes which can cause expression lines that deepen into wrinkles.

Eat plenty of fresh produce, as these contain wonderful vitamins and are rich in anti-oxidants. Just before my summer holidays, I eat lots of tomatoes and carrots as they are rich in beta carotene and this protects the skin from sun exposure.

What morning and evening cleansing rituals should one follow during the summer?

During the warmer months, our skin tends to produce more oils then average. I would recommend a light gel cleanser. Make sure your skin has plenty to drink. At night, we need to replenish the moisture levels and rebuild the protective film of the skin.

There might be a glut of information on how to get beautiful skin but too much info tends to leave one confused. Can you spell out the basic/fundamental facts that one needs to know with regard to skincare?

Firstly, know your own skin needs. Everyone’s skin is different and their needs are different too. Secondly, check what you put on your skin. I am always asking questions. Don’t be afraid to either. I believe that you are what you eat, and if you have the right nutrients going in, why not complement it with the right ingredients going into your skin too?

What are the myths that abound with regard to skincare?

My favourite question of all time, “Will this actually work?” Skincare should be used as a preventative measure not the cure. Too many people ask for anti-ageing advice when it’s too late. In my opinion, it’s never too late to keep younger for longer. But one thing I will mention here is: have realistic goals and expectations.

Sales of men’s facial products make up only a small fraction of the $97 billion global skincare market, but it’s a fast growing fraction. What is your take — both professionally and personally, as a man — on this spike in the interest that men are taking towards skincare/personal grooming?

I suppose I have my mother to thank for this. When I was a teenager, I had seriously bad acne and the common effects of having problematic skin. I was introduced to the world of cosmetics a lot younger than most men and the amazing thing is, once you get yourself into a routine it becomes easier. Even my father at 60 has his own regimen.

I personally think with the help of the fashion market, men started to look after themselves more, not only in fashion but also in skincare.

With regards to male grooming, more emphasis is placed on shaving care. This is fine, but what about cleansing to prep before shaving and moisturising after to seal in moisture and protect the skin post shave?

Professionally, I always warn men that if they don’t look as good as their female companions they might be in for a surprise when they are traded in for a younger model.



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