Steamed mussels with onion, celery & parsley
Friday, July 20, 2012

Kitchen Classics

Yves Bas

Head chef, Belgian Café, Madinat Jumeirah

 Serves: 4


Mussels                   4 kg

Onion, chopped       200 gm

Celery, chopped       150 gm

Parsley, chopped     50 gm

Butter                       60 gm

Salt and pepper        to taste



Wash and scrub the mussels thoroughly.

Melt the butter in a pan large enough to fit all the mussels.

Add the chopped onion, celery and parsley; stir and let simmer.

Turn the heat to its highest and add the mussels.

Stir often so the mussels rotate, ensuring that each one opens.

Once open, season and serve with a chunk of fresh bread or Belgian fries. 


VOGELNESTJE (egges wrapped in minced meat)Serves: 4


Egg, hard-boiled           4 pc

Veal and beef mince      600 gm

Belgian potato              6 pc

Tomato sauce, thick      500 ml

Breadcrumbs                100 gm

Salt and pepper            to taste



Place the eggs in boiling water in a saucepan. Take out after approx 15 mins and leave on the side to cool. Once cooled, peel off the eggshells.

Add breadcrumbs to the mincemeat. Shape it into a bowl for the egg to sit in. Cover the egg in the meat and breadcrumbs.

Heat some oil in a frying pan and gently fry the meatballs until the meat is slightly brown and the breadcrumbs golden brown.

Pour the tomato sauce into a saucepan, add the meatballs and gently bring to a boil.

Cook for 30 minutes and season with salt and pepper as required.

Peel the Belgian potatoes, cut into 1cm sticks, wash and dry.

Poach the chips in oil at 140°C for 6-7 minutes, to gently soften.

Take them out of the oil and leave to stand for two minutes.

Deep-fry the chips at 180°C fry in oil until golden brown.

To serve, cut the egg in half so you can see the different layers of breadcrumbs, meat and the egg.


Serves: 4 


Yeast, fresh                    25 gm

Milk                                500 ml

Water                             500 ml

Egg                                4 pc

Flour                              600 gm

Butter                             200g

Salt                                a pinch

Vanilla ice cream...............few scoops



Pre-heat the waffle iron.

Mix the yeast, milk and water.

Separate the egg white from the yolk and, in a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolk together until frothy.

Add the flour and yolk to the main mixture until the batter becomes light and fluffy. Gently fold beaten egg whites into the mixture. Melt the butter and add to the mixture with a pinch of salt. Cover the mixture with a damp towel and leave for 45 minutes.

Brush cooking oil onto the waffle iron and pour in the mix. 
Cook for approximately 2 minutes, until the waffles are golden brown. Add fresh strawberries and a scoop of ice-cream and serve.


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