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Friday, July 27, 2012

Get ready for another shoot-out with the Fujifilm X-Pro1

everyone who knows the not-for-those-with-phasmophobia video game series Fatal Frame (man, I love that sick game!), check out the main picture and see if it reminds you of something.

All right? Well, it’s not really a 100-per cent copy of the game’s main ‘weapon’, called the ‘Camera Obscura’, but the build and shape of the Fujifilm X-Pro1 reminds me of it, having meshed traditional form with high-end technology pretty well.

And while the former’s built for busting out vengeful (and sometimes, pretty) ghosts, the acclaimed X-Pro1 does its thing really well too.

It’s loaded with features, so if we run all of them down, we’ll be here until Gitex.

So, as always, let’s take a look at its key aspects.

First up, this 16MP monster has an X-Trans CMOS, a new sensor that is, according to Fujitsu, “inspired by film”, and developed to harness its interchangeable Fujinon XF lenses. Which brings us to these lenses; three of them specifically designed for the X-Pro1 that gives you great picture quality.

Want a bonus? Here’s a big one: you can also use the Fujifilm’s original X Mount designed for the X-Pro1. It’s also got this Hybrid Multi Viewfinder, so you won’t have any trouble capturing things in coordination with the mounted lens.

The accessories are cool — from a handgrip, metal lens hood and shoe mount flash. Although I didn’t get all of these with the review unit, I really appreciated another one of them — the leather case. It just gives you that macho — and somewhat retro — effect.

In the middle of playing with the X-Pro1, I couldn’t resist the urge to simultaneously re-play one of my Fatal Frame games.

I ended up going outside — in the wee hours of the morning — trying to capture some pretty ghost with it. To no avail.



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