Jennifer Lopez
By Riaz Naqvi
Friday, June 01, 2012

{Optimise Your Life}

In the News: Jennifer Lopez

Who: Singer, performer, actor and TV personality

Why: Forbes says she’s the world’s most powerful celeb


Skyrocket the rankings. Last year, Jennifer was placed 50th on the aforementioned Forbes list. A combination of making a name for herself on TV via American Idol, her first album in four years, money-spinning endorsement deals with L’Oreal and Gillette and her recent divorce from Marc Anthony created a perfect storm of money, press coverage and exposure to take Jenny from the block to the top. 

Resurrect yourself. Just imagine: you’re 27 years old, and have a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in Selena. Seven years later, you play a major role in what is subsequently dubbed ‘the worst film of all time’ — few could recover from such an epic fall from grace following Gigli; but just two years later, J-Lo was raking in a fantastic $15 million from her starring role in Monster-in-Law. Musically, it is the same story, with her 2011 single On the Floor being named the ‘World’s greatest musical comeback act.’ Mariah who? 

Remember the Block. Lopez has been hailed for staying true to her roots, in spite of enormous wealth and fame garnered through a stellar career in film, music and TV. If you had been named the most influential Hispanic in the United States, would you still pay homage to a humble background?


Back the wrong horse. Instead of learning from the massive mistake that was Gigli, J-Lo persisted with the hapless Ben Affleck and their next collaboration. The horrendous Jersey Girl enjoys the dubious distinction of being nominated for not one, two but three Razzie awards. Lowlight of this one: Liv Tyler and Affleck discussing, er, self-service in an abandoned diner. Barf bag, anyone? 

Fur things up. Animal rights activists PETA, renowned for their shock tactics, have regularly lambasted Lopez for her love of wearing animal skins. In this day and age, J-Lo, there are plenty of synthetic alternatives that would look just as good (if not better) than your favourite bleached silver fox coat. 

Refuse to settle down. Despite all the chart-toppers, film roles, million dollar endorsements and TV fame, one often wonders: is J-Lo letting her relationships steal the limelight from her performances? High profile hook-ups and subsequent break-ups with Sean Combs (or whatever he calls himself these days) and Bennifer have made as many headlines as her work in the studio. Seeing J-Lo’s latest boy toy and dancer, 25-year-old Casper Smart, in public displays with his 42-year-old lover: bleurgh. 


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