Sound Bound
Alvin R Cabral
Friday, June 01, 2012

You cannot fail to impress with these power-packed headphones from Sony

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am a music freak. Once I put on my headphones at work, my editor’s going to be dishing instructions to someone who doesn’t care about the world anymore. And for a span of a week or so, I had Sony to blame for that.

I was almost in a trance with their really cool sound gizmos — the MDR-EX1000 and MDR-Z1000 headphones. These babies are high-end studio monitoring headphones and boy, do they pack a punch. In simpler terms, they’re professional-grade, and the sound they give out is a testament to this.

The MDR-EX1000 is a beautifully sculptured in-ear headphone, and merely looking at it makes you wonder at its delicacy. It’s got a wide frequency and broad dynamic range, smooth bass, clear mid-highs and (my favourite) isolation earbuds that cut out ambient noise.

The MDR-Z1000, on the other hand, is a monster of a studio-monitoring headphone. And while it may look bulky, it’s actually lightweight, yet gives a really accurate sound, and is vibration-free for a smoother bass output.

Beauty and sound, wonderfully combined. I tried both on two separate Metro rides, and really had heads turning. Professional DJ? Studio director? Who could tell? It’s also great for while you’re in your room letting the music melt the night away, or for gaming — especially those psycho-horror ones that kept me on the edge, thanks to the intense sound quality.

I miss the headphones, but I can guarantee everyone — especially my editor — one thing: whatever headphones I plop on, I’ll still be “unavailable” when I’m at the desk. - alvin@khaleejtimes.com 


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